Wireless Festival Birmingham 2014

Sunday 6th July 2014 saw Day 3 of Wireless Birmingham. It is the first time the Wireless Festival has come to Birmingham and free transport was included in the ticket. The headline act was Kanye West who had been all over the media for his rant on Friday at Wireless London. Organised into three stages, Main stage, BrumBrum stage and Future stage, hosted in Perry Park. I couldn’t tell you what he was like as he started going on about how the media twist things and how everyone was there for him we left. I have to say that he didn’t half have some bass though! Since I left people said he was amazing. I got a bit claustrophobic with the crowd too. Wireless Birmingham Kanye West Overall it was a good event, although there was some grumbling about how you could tell that it was the first time it had come to Birmingham. I think given the large volumes of people (with alcohol) it all went really smoothly. You are always going to get people thinking that it is their right just to push to the front aren’t you – but no-one got hurt and there were no fights. In fact the crowd were really lovely, and helpful to one another. I am trying not to think about the cups of liquid that went flying through the air in the crowds through the main performances though, as a girl behind me said it was wee. Someone agree with my husband that it was dregs of larger. Yes one banged me on the head and went all over me  – whatever it was I am thankful to the person/or people who told me to pack baby wipes (they came in really handy). wireless birmingham The transport to and from the event was a bit of a fiasco in that there were too many people for the coach. They had sent two but it was unclear what was happening. There are road works in our area and by the time a second coach came it was quite a bit after the scheduled departure time. Even then not everyone fitted on the coach. We were dropped off a little way from the park and by the time we eventually made our way there we had missed some of the acts. The numbers seemed to be a bit of an issue on the way back too, and we ended up coming back a bit later than anticipated. Tinie Tempah was amazing I am surprised that Tinie Tempah wasn’t the headliner. He certainly was the best performer and knew how to please the crowd. They loved him too – singing loudly and proudly the words to his songs after a couple of bars of the intro music. I genuinely believe that even Tinie Tempah was blown away by the love from his fans. He told us that he loved and us and that we were much better than the London audience. This 50 minute set was what made Wireless Birmingham for me. You can tell because I hardly have any footage as was too busy just enjoying it.

Pharrell Williams makes people Happy Wireless Birmingham Pharrell Williams I have to admit that when Pharrell Williams came out it did not feel all that exciting, and was a bit of a let-down after an amazing performance by Tinie Tempah. He clearly was just miming and not really interacting with the crowd. But suddenly that changed as he started trying to tell all us girls that we should be proud to be different. It is a shame this message wasn’t for the boys too! He also selected lots of people on to the stage to dance with him. It was fantastic to see how Happy he had made all these people just to be by him. The best moment of all was when he rapped with a girl from the crowd (Adrienne Campbell). She was absolutely amazing! And she was just blown away but how much we all loved her. Pharrell had us all chanting her name and to be honest I think she got more of a reaction than he did for his Happy song! Pharrell told her that he had got her up on stage because she was clearly just enjoying what she was doing. That as long as you love something, just keep doing it and you will be found. She went off back stage and I hope to hear more from her in the future.

DJ Cassidy Wireless Birmingham DJ Cassidy Another guy knowing how to please his crowd was DJ Cassidy. He performed an amazing, energetic set before getting closer to the crowd and throwing his hat in! Although I was distracted by the fun crowd control staff. I do think he was a bit rude when he stopped and the audience carried on – and he said when DJ Cassidy says the music stops it stops. I have to admit I am not a big fan so not sure if this was part of the act. Wireless Birmingham Artists It was all a bit pricey but there was plenty of food and drink provided. There was also a few fair rides – the one was £15 per person – but to be honest you wouldn’t have got me on it if they had paid more. Perfect for thrill seekers.There was a lot of what felt like just noise, talk of niggers, swearing, and a threesome; a girl who flashed her tits when she realised she was on the big screen; and I am sure I could have got high from the smell of weed from just the fumes. Basement Jaax clashed with Pharrell Williams and we heard people say that they were amazing. We only caught a bit of Iggy Azalea too because of the clash with DJ Cassidy. I guess it was a good way of spacing us out. It was a good way of determining which artists we like and I would definitely go and see Tinie Tempah again.

My top festival tips:

  • Don’t take all your water frozen – it most likely wont defrost in time
  • Take a coat
  • Take plenty of money
  • Make sure you are well covered in sun cream
  • Have baby wipes
  • Wear something bright – most girls had flowers in their hair. Face-paints are good – they were selling them on the way in.

wireless festival Birmingham flowers

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26 thoughts on “Wireless Festival Birmingham 2014”

  1. Love Pharrell! Looks like you had a fab time! You can always tell when it’s a festival’s first year but kinks always do get smoothed out. Some amazing acts – have to admit Kanye is fab, he always comes out with something, guaranteed!

  2. It’s not my musical cup of tea I’m afraid, but your Pharrell story has kinda changed my mind about him. He sounds like a sweetie!

  3. Love your face paint daisies! Love a bit of Tine. So glad he was fab. I’m not great with massive crowds but this sounds amazing. Very jealous! x

  4. I didn’t even know it was happening but then it isn’t really my sort if thing. Sounds like you had a good time though and I like the face paint.

  5. Sounds like you had a great time even if you did get hit on the head by a cup of w…dregs of lager. Definitely lager 😉

  6. Awww, so glad you enjoyed it. I always love the idea of festivals, but it wasn’t that much fun when we took the kids…perhaps I need to try child free!

  7. Thank you for including me in your blog. I’m still I’m shock from being on stage and the crowd chanting my name. I’m very grateful that you mentioned me .

  8. Love the daisies! And will always love a bit of ‘Happy’ especially since my eldest sang it on local Arena stage as part of a choir 🙂

  9. Glad you had a good time. I haven’t been to a festival in 10 years! We went to one for my 18th birthday and i wish i could go to one next year x

  10. Glad you had a good time, must admit I was slightly jealous of everyone as the whole of my Facebook and Twitter timelines were there!

  11. Whereabouts in Birmingham was the event? I guess it would have to be a huge ground for the fairground rides and the stages…Looks like fun though!


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