Men’s Festival Wear – A Guide

This is an advertorial piece for Men’s Festival Wear. I have been gifted clothing from Mainline Menswear’s Festival Essentials Range.

basic plain t-shirt makes great men's festival wear as a base to build on

What should men wear to a festival?

The Type of Festival will Influence Men’s Clothing

When it comes to Men’s Festival Wear there are some things to keep in mind. It will really depend on the Festival itself, who will they be attending with, and how long they are staying for?

For instance a Sporting Festival such as horse racing at Cheltenham Gold Cup will warrant very different attire to that of a music festival. As suits and other formal clothes are part of the dress code as opposed to something comfy and casual. Or if it is a sporting festival where you are active, like RunFestRun, obviously that is different again. Perhaps you intend to join in with an activity like tree climbing or yoga – again you will need to think about how practical your clothes are.

man doing yoga in shorts perfect men's  festival wear

Smart Men’s Festival Wear

Easy enough a shirt, tie and or jacket with a nice pair of trousers (or even shorts depending on the event) and some nice shoes. Emma Bradley has a great piece on race day essentials where she suggests that you match the colour you are wearing with that of your partner.

How Long and Who is Attending the Festival?

How long they are staying at the festival for will determine whether they want to carry things in case the weather changes, or even if they are staying overnight! Plus who are they going with – are they going with a group of single adults – planning to get drunk; or with their significant others, or even family? This will have an impact on clothes – even if it is down to whether or not they need pockets for their own wallets!

Mens Wear for Music Festivals

Most music festivals are held in the summer. Yes it may be prone to rain but still the perfect menswear for a music festival has to be a good trusty pair of shorts! If need be teamed up with a pair of wellies and a waterproof coat! You just need to decide on the material and type depending on what you want to do in them.        `

smart or casual shorts are great men's festival wear

Men’s Festival Wear Shorts

Mainline Menswear stock a range of stylish designer shorts that are just perfect for festivals. The Luke 1977 Squatt Performance Shorts Black are stylish and comfortable but also very practical. They have an elasticated waistband with an interior woven drawstring fastening in black. Ensuring a great fit. But also two zip fastening pouch pockets at the waist – handing for keeping your money and other essentials safely close by.

Men’s Festival Wear Tops

A basic top can be smart, casual or somewhere in-between. Mainline Menswear Festival Essentials have you covered. With a great range of tops to choose from. Some with a smarter feel than others, with a range of designer brand names. Plus there’s the option of whether to go for short or long sleeves.

Also does the festival have a theme? Will you be dressing up, and if so will it be every day? Maybe you will opt for a plain top as a base. Plus chances are you just want something you can throw in your bag and not worry about it getting all messed up in the tent if you are camping for a weekend. Designer t-shirts are a great way to cover all this because, although they are comfy and convenient, they are still stylish.

man and child with facepaint enjoying festival

We went for the BOSS Multi Colour Triple Pack T-Shirts to really get value for money. These are great neutral tops and great to blend in or to use as a base for dressing up with the festival theme! Also we had an Adidas Originals Essential T-Shirt Pink – to brighten things up a bit and get into that fun festival feel!

Other Men’s Festival Wear

As well as all the above you are going to make sure you have a hat and sunglasses! Plus your underwear of course! Don’t forget your toothbrush and something to sleep in! We opted for the Tommy Hilfiger Loungewear Icon Shorts Navy – because it’s not just in your tent that you will be wearing them! You may want to also consider woolly hat for at night.

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