Tewkesbury Wine Run 2017

You may remember that last January I joined a running club. This time last year I wouldn’t have believed it myself. I had signed up to run the Tewkesbury Half Marathon with no intention of running the whole thing (because obviously I couldn’t!) but aimed to run a few miles and walk the rest. I thought that joining a running club would help motivate me to run more regularly. Little did I know that this was actually one of many many benefits of joining the club. The other ladies are absolutely amazing, all with different abilities but all so supportive. They are such a source of inspiration – again in many different ways.Tewkesbury Wine run 2017

This brings me on to the Tewkesbury Wine Run. Which although called a run is described as run, walk or crawl. This was a perfect opportunity to get my friend to see that she could do it at her pace, and all for a good cause. Because I truly believe with a little determination we can all get there. Talking of determination, and back to the running club, this event is organised and hosted by Claire who was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia in October 2015 and she wants to be able to give back because of all the fantastic care and service that she received and will continue to receive for the rest of her life. The money raised goes to LINC, a locally based charity in Cheltenham who treat all blood cancers for patients receiving treatment within Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. They invest in clinical research and support local patients battling blood cancers, they rely on the generosity of supporters to enable them to continue and improve the care they provide. Not only did Claire organise the run but there was also a raffle, and after party with food. There were also prizes for fancy dress.Claire Tewkesbury WIne run

The Tewkesbury Allrunners came to support this event by either marshaling, selling tickets or taking part in the race, and the community came together to support LINC and have fun. Claire is also a volunteer at Parkrun and also had support from people she works with. There was plenty of wine, and wine gums for designated drivers, free parking and a place to get changed. Set in Croft Farm Water Park the route was an easy 5 laps (with a wine at each lap and a floater to help top up those who need it!).

A big thank you to everyone involved in such a great event. And a real nod to such a great running community in the area.

st trinians fancy dress

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For more information visit: http://clairemyleukaemia.wixsite.com/tewkesburywinerun


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  1. You know I’m teetotal and disagree with drinking at pretty much any time, especially when running, but this sounds (and looks) like an amazing event for a fantastic cause. You can just see the community spirit in all of those photos. I hope they raised lots of money.


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