Mad Monkey Montpellier

Mad Monkey Montpellier is the first fun climb room in France. The beauty of Mad Monkey is that you can climb safely without any prior experience – with an automated belay system and both French AND English speaking assistants.

Boy on climbing wall at Mad Monkey Montpellier

We went along to experience the Fun Climb Space – which has climbs up to 7.2m high. There is a variety of different challenges each marked with a banana rating of their difficulty; with chronometers, giant punching bag, a transparent wall, rotating jacks, raised walls and giant cubes. You can test your own abilities, race against the clock (beating records) – or others (including face-to face on the transparent wall)! With the team always on hand to help you push yourself to your limits.

climbing cubes at Mad Monkey Montpellier

You arrive with plenty of time before your one hour session (for 10 Euros) and get into your harness well in advanced of your time starting. We were took to one side to have all the rules explained fully in English and have any of our questions answered. There are just a few rules – how to attach the belay system and clip it back afterwards, plus not to walk on the red mats (because it means that someone is using it and could land on your head!)

Mad Monkey Montpellier was easy to find using our Satnav and there is a clear sign at the entrance. The venue offers free parking, sound and air conditioning, a relaxation area and free WiFi access. There is also the availability to purchases drinks, snacks and merchandise.

M climbing wall at Mad Monkey Montpellier

We wore trousers and were cool enough with the air con – but they weren’t necessary and everyone else was wearing shorts. There are tables where you can leave your things which are in view of the climbing.

Mad Monkey Montpellier also offer augmented reality climbing and outdoor rock-climbing with workshops in the school holidays. Cliff climbing is from aged 7.

We would really recommend Mad Monkey Montpellier – the team were very friendly and spoke English well enough that we came across no difficulties/or felt unsafe that we couldn’t ask them anything. There is also a traversing wall for those who do not like heights as you HAVE to jump down and are not allowed to climb down on the Fun Climb Space walls.

Traverse wall at Mad Monkey Monpellier

Mad Monkey Montpellier

2929 Avenue Etienne Méhul, 34070 Montpellier, France

Phone+33 4 67 42 49 55

Open: 10am – 8pm



We had a complimentary one hour session on the Fun Climb Space for purposes of review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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