Marvin’s Magic Pens: Amaze & Astonish with This Superb Screen-Free Entertainment [AD]

I was gifted Marvin’s Magic 25 Amazing Magic Pens

Marvin's Magic Pens

When trying to encourage the tween and teens to a bit of screen free entertainment then a bit of magic really helps. What better way than with magic pens with amazing powers! Created by leading magician Marvin Berglas and his awesome team at Marvin’s Magic!

About Marvin’s Magic Pens

The set of 25 magical pens allow secret messages to be written, create stunning 3D lettering, change colours and make art vanish, all in an instant and with no mess or no fuss.

Marvin’s Magic Pens include white pens, assorted coloured pens some with white ends and others with coloured ends. Scan the Marvin’s Magic App for FREE to access video instructions – but it is all pretty straight forward! The secret is with combining the colour pens with the magic white pens!

Marvin's magic white pen
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old due to small parts.
  • Washable at 60 degrees C
  • Sealing cap
  • Blocked tip

Vanishing Trick – Erase Colours with Marvin’s Magic Pens

If you colour in with the white tipped pens then you can use the white pens to erase the images by going over it. Amaze friends, correct mistakes or create a reverse image. Our son used this technique to stop him from going over the lines by drawing around his picture with the white pen before colouring it in.

erase mistakes with Marvin's magic Pens

Leaving it White

You may want to leave parts of your colouring white – so the erasing method is good for this too. Helpful if you want to create a 3D effect.

Marvin's Magic pens no colour

You can of course then colour over the white with the dual-colour pens to create another colour on top.

Marvin's magic Pens new colour

Changing Pen Colour and Secret Messages

If you use the dual colour pens you can change the colour on the paper to a new colour! Simply draw over the image with a white pen and it will change to the colour at the tip.

Marvin's Magic pens allow you to draw over a coloured image

Then if you use the pens with white at the end you can amazing people with the fact that it just disappears when you colour over the image!

Marvin's Magic pens disappearing ink

Revealing Images and Messages

Or create a secret message or image by first drawing it with the white pen. Then when you colour over it then it will appear (either as by remaining white or by being a different colour depending on which type of pen you used).

Be aware that you are actually better to use the secret method by drawing the word or image in white first. It is better this way because otherwise the colour will stick to the white pen more. But at least there is more than one in the pack.

reveal secret messages, images or markings with Marvin's Magic Pens

What drawings will your children create and what hidden message will they write?

Marvin’s Magic 25 Amazing Magic Pens cost £14.99 from

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