Advice for Buying The Perfect Age 9 Girls Presents [AD]

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When tasked with writing about girls presents for 9 year olds I knew the best course of action was to ask my friends. What soon became clear is that, although there are many presents which a lot of girls may like, it is clear that it really just comes down to the individual. Thankfully Wicked Uncle’s guide to the best gifts for 9 year old girls takes into account that not all girls are the same! Not only do they offer great advice but they have presents that you can purchase that are a little bit different. They have the options to search by age and gender.

Advice Girls Presents for 9 year olds with LEGO figures

Individual Differences

Even when it comes to girls living in the same household, including twins, they can be completely different. It may be that one is really into superheroes and the other princesses. Additionally one day a child may love playing with dolls and the next dinosaurs. Therefore it is really important to find out what the girl is like if you want to buy the right present.

Girls Presents for 9 Year Old Girly-Girls

Historically of course there are the presents which are stereotypically thought of as “for girls” but thankfully this is all changing. I am listing them here as the ideas as for those who are considered “girly” but I am no way implying that they are either “for” girls or not for boys. As I say I think the most important bit of advice when buying presents for 9 year old girls is to know that they are all individuals. This also applies to boys.

  • Dolls (Bratz, Monster High) and their accessories.
  • Handbags
  • Scrunchies
  • Hair clips
hair clips and scrunchies girls presents
  • Jewellery
  • Gems
  • Lip balms
  • Make up
  • Nail varnish
  • Bath bombs
  • Bubble bath
  • Perfume
  • Face masks
  • Fluffy socks
  • Fluffy blankets
  • Cuddly toys – depending on their interests – Twisty Petz, dinosaurs, Unicorns, Minecraft or whatever the latest trend is.
  • My Little Pony

Creative Girls Presents

Girls, and boys, at 9 can really like creative things. Either art-type sets where you can paint/draw/colour; or make things like bracelets, doughnuts, pottery, cross-stitch picture, keyrings and so on.

Of course another way girls can be creative is those who love to write. Why not buy them some new stationery (scented or glitter pens), notepads, a journal that locks for example. Or how about a shopping experience to Smiggle, Delight, Paperchase or Tiger Tiger!

creative girls presents

Next we should consider those that they may be creative with music – either singing (so buying music, karaoke, etc), or they may want an instrument. Perhaps they are into dancing (see also sporty).

Buying Clothes for 9 Year old Girls

An example for me is when it comes down to clothes. All girls need clothes but whether they like what you buy or not can depend on how they look and even how they feel. I personally cannot stand long sleeves for example. The present I never forget receiving I hated was bought because it looked like another item of clothing I had – but felt very different.

Also girls at 9 can be heavily influenced by their peers and want to be wearing what others are. Some however are the opposite and want to be totally individual and wouldn’t want to be seen in what everyone else is wearing.

Sporty Girls Presents

Girls who are into sports may be easy to buy for. Either clothes to accompany the sport or they may need other things such as balls, gloves, snorkels, bags – and the like. Or maybe they just want a comfy hoodie for in between being active. The sports that girls may be interested in include gymnastics, running, ballet, swimming, football, rugby, hockey, horse riding, skate boarding, roller-skating, and so on.

image of two black ballet dancer girls

STEM Presents for Girls

Other good present for girls are STEM ones. From as cheap as buying a few packets of seeds – to grow their own sunflowers for example) to a science kit from Mel Science. There are all sorts of STEM presents out there including dig kits, bug kits, precious gems, volcano toys, geodes, Gravitrax, to name a few.

Experience Presents

Or maybe she would like an experience:

Junior Driving Experience

Other Great Present Ideas for 9 Year old Girls

Of course you may be buying for a girl who is a gamer or into computers – and there’s a whole host of presents you could get them. Other ideas include books, patterned storage boxes, chocolate, sweets and American candy.

For specific ideas, and up-to-date trends do check out Wicked Uncle’s best gifts for 9 year old girls.

AD: This is a paid for promotion

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