Hangloose Adventure at The Eden Project

It will come as no surprise to regular followers, especially Instagram ones, that during our stay in Cornwall we headed for The Eden Project. I really love nature and flowers have a special pull on me, and I find it hard not to stop and taking photos. My boys however are not so interested but were really keen to be going to The Eden Project too!

Again followers will know that I am scared of heights. From having to endure the Junior Go Ape course to allow my youngest up, to not even being able to jump off a small platform onto a trampoline covered in soft blocks! My boys, however, we have made sure have no such fear! Which is why a visit to Hangloose Adventure at The Eden Project was just perfect for them.skywire over eden project

Hang Loose Adventure aim to bring world leading adventure activities to a wide audience at one of the country’s most iconic visitor destinations and the number one destination for adrenaline. Their activities help people overcome boundaries (in my case the fear of letting my children do it was enough for me!), share new experiences (it helped to build a stronger bond between my two boys), spend time in the great and outdoors – plus they tell me it was FUN! The heart-pumping activities use a fraction of the energy costs of traditional fairground and theme park rides too. My youngest was unable to participate because there is a minimum age of 8 years old.

Hangloose Adventure Skywire

The day began with my 13 year old going on the Skywire. To go on you have to be over 8 years old AND over 40kgs (this may need to be more dependent on weather). The Skywire is England’s longest and fastest zip-wire and has been consistently voted as one of the top-ten zip-wire experiences in the world. Travelling across the two famous biomes it is a great way to gain another view of The Eden Project (although my son tells me people looked like ants he was so high!)

You queue up and get your Skywire band, are weighed and given a sticker and told which group number you are in. When your group time is ready you are fitted into a flight suit and safety harness. Then you are transported in a minibus to the dispatch tower at the other end of the Skywire. Then participants are given a comprehensive and reassuring safety briefing before being suspended at 100 metres above the ground in a Superman flying pose right over the cliff edge! Instructors are with you every step of the way and will even hold your hand if needs be! They ask you your name so that people waiting at the other end know you are coming. On the count of three you will fly over 660 metres at 60 mph before meeting two friendly faces at the other end as the automatic brake system ensures you come to a gentle stop.end of the sky wire at eden project

Bucket List Factor 5/5

Fear Factor 3/5

Big Air at Hangloose Adventure

Big Air has to be the least frightening looking of the activities with three platforms jumping on to a big air bag (hence the name). The lowest one even looked like my not fond of heights may have jumped it – so I am glad it was the activity which my 8 year old had chosen to do. The tower is 12m high and as my son was under 18 he was not allowed to jump from the top platform. It was a shame really as there were adults too scared to do the middle one and my son was just so confident – he would have loved to have gone up another floor.child jumping from a building

Weight limits: 25kg-120kg

Styling it Factor 5/5

Fear Factor 3/5

The Drop at Hangloose Adventure

The Drop is a controlled 33ft fall from a purpose-built platform over a cliff edge. There’s no time to change your mind as one the count of three you HAVE to step off! Attached to a state of the art XL descender head towards the ground in seconds. As a parent watching this is the least scary as you can see the carefully controlled equipment lowering the participant down. My 13 year old told me that it looks even higher than it is because all you can see is the cliff below.

Fun Factor 5/5

Fear Factor 2/5

Gravity at Hangloose Adventure

Gravity is just a big swing! You can enjoy the view from 20m high – where you will be let loose on the count of 3 and let the swing be controlled by gravity (at 50mph)! You can ride solo (like my brave 8 year old) or with friends (up to 3 people at once). When other participants were going on and I could hear their screams I felt nervous about my 8 year old going on but felt confident in the staff and safety equipment – but do you know what, he didn’t even scream!Gravity Hangloose Adventure at The Eden Project

Fear Factor 4/5

K2 Climbing at Hangloose Adventure

Also available is a 16 metre climbing tower which offers 3 separate challenges – designed for physical strength and problem solving. We did not try this.

Coming soon at Hangloose Adventure

Base Jump – A 115ft drop through a trap door – one of the tallest in Europe and the first in the UK.

Skytrek – A 20 element high ropes course design to test balance and nerve.

Freefall – The highest freefall drop onto an airbag in THE WORLD! Winched to the height of a 10 storey building, with no ropes, no descender, no bungee – just let go – 25m of pure free fall! – Fear Factor 6/5

Note there is free parking and you do not have to pay to enter The Eden Project to visit (but you will if you want to visit there too!). You can capture your adventures with your mobile phone with the cases provided (at additional charge). Note that Go Pros are not suitable on ALL of the activities but are for others.

To see more images of Hangloose Adventure and other Cornwall Adventures check out my Facebook Album

For Prices, to find out about discounts, combined and group bookings, opening times and to book visit the website: http://hanglooseadventure.com/

  • Hangloose Adventure, Eden Project, Bodelva, St.Austell, Cornwall, PL24 2SG
  • 01726 818 560
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest: HanglooseEden

 Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

My boys experienced Hang Loose for purposes of review. All words are honest and my own.

28 thoughts on “Hangloose Adventure at The Eden Project”

  1. Oh my goodness! I had no idea these were at the Eden project, they sound properly frightening! I went on the biggest gravity swing in the world (at the time) in New Zealand and it was incredible. I’m not as brave as I used to be but I’d force myself to go on everything I think because I know I’d enjoy it if I did. Your children are so brave, you must be really proud of them.

  2. I did notice that the last time we went to the Eden project just last month. Would love to do it too, but I’m scared of heights! Looks so much fun 🙂

  3. Good gracious that looks a bit scary for me but can see how adrenaline junkies would love it – Hang Loose is the way to go!

  4. We have done the zipwire over the top but I can see my thrillseekers would love these new attractions. We did a similar swing near Plymouth!

  5. I would love to try these – when we went, my daughter was only three and we had half a day to explore so had to skip the adrenaline fun for the biome… but next time, I hope. #countrykids

  6. Oh wow these look awesome something the kids would absolutely love, we are hoping to go on a uk break next year so I will definitely be looking into this.

  7. I thought it was just the zip wire there, I had no idea there was a whole series of adventures to try out. I must say my boys would love to have a go at all this, like you I’d be happy to stand back, watch their excitement and take the photos, that said I did join them in France on a Tree Tops adventure and surprised myself completing the black run. Looks like your boys had a wonderful time, given how lose this is to us I really must look into it.

    thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  8. Oh my lord. You have more chances of pigs flying than me ever trying any of that – lol. At the moment my son is certainly not a thrill seeker but who knows if that will change. We didn’t go to the Eden Project on our trip this year, but it sounds as if the kids loved this. Brave! #CountryKids

  9. This looks so much fun! Your children are so brave. Though to be fair, you are also so brave – I would have been a nervous wreck watching my children do this! I don’t think I could have done any of it myself as I am just too scared of heights. #CountryKids

  10. That looks amazing. We saw people whizzing over the Eden Project when we visited a couple of years ago. It did look fun. I wondered how much of the project you can take in at that speed. Difficult not to pass on your own fears. Glad your children had fun. #CountryKids

  11. Wow, that does look like a fantastic adventurous place. I’m with you on the heights thing, but I know my kids would love to do these activities. Sounds like your children had a great time. #CountryKids

  12. What a brilliant day out! I didn’t realise all that was at the Eden Project. I’d love to go there-but I’m not so great with heights either. We have one of the air jumps near us and they look like great fun. Maybe one day I’ll pluck up the courage to go!


  13. The last video is just epic! I was thinking it would be great if you have a video of the zip wire and you read my mind!!! Love the video. Like you I am scared of heights and speed so this is like experiencing it without really going haha =)


  14. Wow that does sound amazing although I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to try many of these. I do quite like the sound of the zipwire and jumping on to the air bag but the drop would terrify me as would freefall. Not too sure I’d be able to brave the swing either! Glad that your boys enjoyed it though and I loved the video 🙂 #countrykids

  15. Oh wow! wow! wow! wow!!
    Hangloose Adventure looks like the perfect place for the children to really test their limits, embrace the fear factor and be brave. I love the photo of your boy free falling, he looks so brave but I bet he was also buzzing with excitement once he’d completed it. It’s the type of adventure playground I know my kids would love but the type me, as a mummy, wouldn’t always want to watch!! I didn’t know this was at the Eden Centre. What a great find and I love the video – that’s one adventerous family you have there!!

  16. Wow!! This is awesome! My 13 & 10 yr old would love all this! Next time they visit the UK I’ll have to try and take them. I’m over at the moment with my 6 yr old, but we are in different parts of the country.


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