Twozies are new collectibles from Moose Toys and Character Options. As the name suggests they come in twos – a baby and a pet – so that they can do everything two-gether! Aimed at children ages five plus there are over one hundred and forty different babies and pets to collect. Each character is a great collectable in its own right but the Two-getherness is complete when the baby is matched with its corresponding pet!


Season 1 Guide to Twozies

The Twozies are identifiable by their names, categories and type. Season 1 has a mix of seen types to find – common, rare, ultra-rare, limited edition, neon, metallic, boy and girl. This makes the surprise packs even more exciting to open!  The categories are: Two Sweet, Two Wild, Two Cool, Two Adventurous, Two Noisy, Two Cheeky, Two Precious (Limited Edition). The babies each have a head piece and nappy on and come in a variety of different skin tones. They are appealing to both boys and girls with a mix of colours (including pink and blue). Their pets are easily identifiable as belonging to each baby as they look like the baby has been styled (with the head dress and colour). The find-ability of the baby is the same as the pet (type). They have great play-ability and the babies each have moving heads and different facial expressions.

Twozies babies

Twozies Products

You can buy Twozies Surprise Packs for £2.49. The surprise packs are like little shadow boxes so you need to open them to see what’s inside so you do not know which Twozies baby and pet you are going to receive. It is the lucky of the draw and the surprise makes it even more exciting. I opened 5 Sample Packs and found five different pets (3 of which are blue), 4 different baby types (of which all babies apart from one were yellow) and no matches. Apart from being collectible this also gave my boys more figures to use in their imaginative play at little expense. It also gives them something they can easily purchase more with their pocket money.

Also available are Twozies Fun Two-gether Playsets for £14.99. I received the Two-Sweet Row Boat and Two-Cool Ice-Cream Cart. I think the real beauty of the playsets is that they come with 2 exclusive matching sets of Babies and Pets from their category. They also both come with a medium shadow box and 2 pattern cards (plus instruction manuals) these can be attached to other shadow boxes and hung on the wall – what a great way to display the collection! They also come with surprise ways to play!

The Twozies Row Boat Playset

This comes complete with the Row Boat and accessories. The boat is white on the outside, with a small amount of turquoise at the front of the boat and then is pink the rest of the inside, plus it has pink parasols. It comes with a floatation ring for the pet hidden inside the one for the baby plus a secret flip basket lid with two lots of big cakes with small ones inside them! This set is fantastic for imaginative play and the shadow box has trees in the background and water on the floor – just perfect for paddling with the moving oars. The shadow box is white with a blue/turquoise colour outer rim.

Twozies Two Sweet Row Boat

The Two-Cool Ice-Cream Cart

This playset comes complete with an ice-cream cart and accessories. The cart is brown with turquoise seats (which have pink handles) and a white cool box with pink see through lids (with hearts engraved on them). Take the ice-creams out of the cool box and find that there’s also a small ice-cream for the pet hiding inside the larger one. Plus secret pull out chairs for the pets (which can also be slid back in too) and real working wheels to push the cart along. This shadow box has a blue background with ice-creams on and a pink outer edge.

Twozies Two Cool Ice Cream Cart

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I received Twozies products for purpose of review. All words and opinions are honest and my own.

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