The #UpsideDown Challenge Game Review and Giveaway

The #UpsideDown Challenge game will keep the kids entertained over the Summer Holidays! The Game when the world is flipped upside down even every day easy tasks become a challenge.

the #Upsidedown challenge game

The #UpsideDown Challenge Game

We were lucky enough to review the #UpsideDown Challenge Game PLUS had the opportunity to giveaway one to a lucky reader thanks to Wicked Uncle!

About the #UpsideDown Challenge Game

Suitable for the whole family you simply pop on the special goggles and are then tasked with a number of challenges. You will be amazed at how difficult even the simplest tasks become with impaired vision!

Although the game can be a lot of fun it can also be very frustrating. Consequently, this is a good reminder that not everyone is lucky enough to have perfect vision, and may give a slight insight into how things are not as easy for them.


  • Instructions
  • Action Cards Explanation Booklet
  • 1x Pair of Upside Down Glasses
  • 32x Cards:
    • Made up of 2 Super Challenge Cards, marked with a trophy with a star in;
    • 15 Action Cards (numbered 1-15)
    • 15 Drawing cards (with a pen symbol)
      • Action and Drawing cards have an easy (marked with a feather) or hard (marked with a dumbbell) mode
  • Symbols Explanation Card
  • 1x 20 Seconds Sand Timer
  • 32x Blue Star Winner Tokens
  • 4x Yellow Star Tokens
  • Punchboard – don’t throw this away it is needed for the game!
the #upsidedown challenge game contenrs

The googles have an adjustable strap therefore they fit different sized heads. But note that glasses wearers are unable to wear their normal glasses under the goggles. If their vision is poor this means that they will be unable to play. The instructions says for technical reasons , however it is because the goggles are too narrow and far too tight to accommodate glasses underneath.

You will also Need:

  • 3 cardboard rolls (empty toilet rolls of the same size & height)
  • 1 pen with a lid
  • Paper
  • Teaspoon
  • 2x beakers
  • 1 bowl
  • Some Water

The #UpsideDown Challenge Game Set Up

First put the super challenge cards aside and shuffle the rest. Next place them face down as a draw pile. Then remove the chips from the punchboard. Lay the glasses, sand timer, actions explanation card, chips, punchboard and game box on the table.

shuffle the cards and face them down - how to set up the #upsidedown challenge game

Next take two pieces of paper, one large/one small, and crumple them into two balls. Ideally they want a diameter of about 1cm and 5cms. Draw four dots on the front and six dots on the back of another sheet of paper. Finally, each dot then needs to be assigned a random number between 1-4 and 1-6.

How to Play The #UpsideDown Challenge Game

Two to six players take it in turn to draw a card. The youngest player goes first and afterwards it moves clockwise.

If a drawing card is selected, then the player decides which of the three images to draw. Of course the special googles are worn whilst they do this. Other players do not see this card and have 40 seconds to guess what it is being drawn. Indeed multiple guesses are allowed. It is down to the other players to turn over the sand timer.

the #Upsidedown challenge game drawing cards

If they draw an action card they leave the card face up in front of them. Each numbered action card has instructions for what to do in the Action Cards Explanation Booklet. Other players will turn over the sand timer apart from when it is cards 4, 6, 7 or 12!

Actions include things like putting a top on a pen, writing your name, doing a high five, or pouring water from one bottle to another. The tasks are done with two hands, however, some are only done with one – making them even harder. However, if this is too difficult the game can be adapted, especially for younger users.

the #Upsidedown challenge game action card

Winning The #UpsideDown Challenge Game

The first person to collect five chips is the winner! It is even possible to play with more than six people – just reduce the number of chips required or keep track of scores on a piece of paper.

The Super Challenges don’t appear to be part of the game but just as additional challenges. Maybe they could be utilised if you end up with a tie-breaker!

Developmental Benefits of The #UpsideDown Challenge Game

  • Concentration
  • Fine motor skills Counting
  • Team Player
  • Mathematics
  • Logical & Critical Decision Making
  • Reading & Writing
  • Visuospatial Skills
  • Imagination
  • Reflex & Speed
  • Empathy and Understanding
  • Working under time constraints
  • Biology – learn how the eyes work

Conclusion of The #UpsideDown Challenge Game

In conclusion the #UpsideDown Challenge Game is definitely a novel family game. Easy to understand and set up, great for all ages. Whilst this is a fun family it is easy to adapt for different age groups. Just using the drawing cards would also make it easier still. It would be easy to then go on to create your own drawing and action cards. With that in mind I think it would make a great game for adults too!

Trying to take a selfie whilst wearing the #Upsidedown Challenge game goggles

Finally. ideally a second set of goggles would be good – not just so that they don’t have to be adjusted between turns but for more fun interacting with each other upside-down.

To WIN a copy of the #UpsideDown Challenge Game tell me in 10 words or more which you think will be harder – the drawing or the activities challenges, and why? Who do you think will be best at it?!

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44 thoughts on “The #UpsideDown Challenge Game Review and Giveaway”

  1. This sounds so fun! I think the activity ones sounds harder, especially the pouring of water!! I’m sure my children would be brilliant at it though!

  2. I think the drawing as I’m not a very artistic person anyway! I reckon my eldest son would be good at this game though.

  3. I think the activities as you need to co-ordinate vision and movements. Drawing, as long as its simple, you could close your eyes and draw freehand

  4. I think the activities will be harder as you need good coordination skills but if the world is upside down then that makes it a lot harder. I’m personally a good drawer and can probably draw it closing my eyes to avoid confusion with the world upside down but I don’t think I can do the activities closing my eyes.

  5. I think the activities will be harder… I find it tricky to do things when looking in the mirror and I am guessing that this will be similar! I definitely have friends who will be good at this though!

  6. I think the drawing would be the hardest, have you ever tried to write upside down? It’s just too much for my brain to make sense of so goodness knows what my drawings would be like.
    It sounds like hilarious family fun.

  7. I think the challanges will be the trickiest as I think you would have to move in the opposite direction to what your brain thiks it should!

  8. Probably the activities challenges would be the hardest for me as I’m not very co-ordinated even when I’m the right way up. I think my husband would be good at this game. He is very logical.

  9. Probably the activities as I try not to throw up at everything all mixed up my son would be pretty good considering he spends half his time hanging off the sofa upside down anyway!

  10. I am terrible at drawing so I definitely think that would be the harder task. What a great idea for a game!

  11. I think that I would find the drawing challenges the most tricky as I cannot draw at the best of times! I think I would enjoy the activities, they sound fun!

  12. It all sounds tricky! Not sure I’d be good at the drawing or activities upside down! I’m sure my kids would beat me 🙂


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