Your Pace or Mine? Lisa Jackson Review

Your Pace or Mine? shares stories of those who love to run. It is a running book that talks about races in a cooperative rather than competitive sense. Lisa Jackson shares with the reader, chapter by chapter, her experiences about different aspects of running and what she learned from them. Interspersed with stories from other great runners who she has met along the way.

Your Pace or Mine? Lisa Jackson

Your Pace or Mine? My Thoughts

What I Expected from Your Pace or Mine?

What I expected from Your Pace or Mine? was fantastic advice and accounts of what it was like to run slowly, why it was good and how proud you could feel to come last in a race. I personally know many a fantastic runner who is not afraid to get out there and risk the fear of not making the cut off times.

I have friends who have tried time and time again until they accomplish being able to finish a race. That just keep going on and on, not caring what speed anyone else is going at as they know that it doesn’t change their journey. They are so inspiring that they can go such fantastic distances – plus being kind to others along the way.

In fact one of the things Lisa Jackson talks about in Your Pace or Mine? is the stories you hear at the back, the reasons people are running. That and the friendships you can make when you aren’t worried to stop and help. The running group I belong to is super supportive and even if runners have finished they will go back to support those still going.

One such lady met this way runs because she has lost her brother George and is raising money for Cystic Fibrosis. Even when it is really hot and she is running a marathon she wears a tiger onesie. I was there when at the London Marathon she was injured by half way. But she kept on going! They were removing water stations and erasing the blue line. But she kept on going. Such an inspiration.

What Your Pace or Mine is Like

Lisa is a in a bit of a different position to me in that she seems to be in more of an elite runners world. Where what she sees as slow running is actually around average. Through her career she has been in a very privileged position allowing her to enter races that she may not otherwise have been able to take part in. However, her messages are still applicable and there’s much to learn from Your Pace or Mine.

What Lisa does do is write in an encouraging and witty way. She makes you want to keep reading, inspires you and makes you feel all emotional. I love the way the book is presented in an easy read and fun format. Your Pace or Mine? includes photos, stories in huge speech bubbles, a t-shirt drawn around catchy slogans as well as a quick quiz, books and website recommendations.

Your Pace or Mine? – What Lisa Says about Starting to Run

I love how Lisa Jackson’s running journey started because her parents made it a habit. I have tried so hard with my children to do this but they keep resisting. It really makes me want to preserve with this. It is why I am in awe of both Sarah and Natalie – who also regularly run with their children.

Lisa Jackson has already written a book on starting to run but still devotes a chapter to it in Your Pace or Mine. This, like every chapter, ends with other inspiring stories of other runners, and how they manged to overcome obstacles (perceived or real) to begin running.

Collaborative Running

Lisa talks about different people’s reasons for running. That how being supportive can be much more rewarding than coming first. In fact one of my first races, Pretty Muddy, was a lot more fun when we slowed down to support one another and others. In fact there was a woman who was scared of heights and helping encourage over the climbing wall felt like as much of an achievement for us as it did her.

pretty muddy

Again my first marathon was walking in a group. We all helped each other along. If it wasn’t for us all coming together I would never have even attempted that first marathon. Which then lead to my Virtual Marathon Jeffing – as I knew I could cover the distance. It also gave me a new found respect for those runners who are on their feet for longer. Not to mention they are more at risk of being caught out by weather changes.

Lisa also talks about having a good laugh when running. I can tell you that we definitely did this with that first Marathon. It makes time, and the miles, go so much faster. In fact I have heard that even smiling makes you a better runner!

finishing marathon

Running Experience

Your Pace or Mine shares Lisa Jackson’s running experiences, and she’s had a lot. She then is kind enough to share that knowledge – from running Comrades, barefoot and even naked!

Conclusions on Your Pace or Mine?

Once I got over the fact that Lisa Jackson isn’t my idea of a slow running I really loved the book. She also jeffs – and I am a big advocate of that. Jeffing is a run/walk technique that means you purposely take regularly walking breaks from the start. However, she didn’t talk about it as much as I was expecting.

I learnt a lot from the book, and discovered some new races. I don’t think nude running is for me – but never say never.

This is definitely a good book for anyone who is thinking of running, or of going slower or just loves to know everything about running. It is definitely a book that I plan to come back to and read again.

ISBN: 9781849538275

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  1. It sounds like a good read based on some great experiences. You look so happy at the end of your walking marathon. Thank very much for the mention too.
    You should definitely try Marathon Mum for another inspiring read!


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