RunFestRun Running Exhibitors 2021 #AD

As well as the Inspirational runners and races, and sponsors there were also a whole load of fantastic exhibitors at RunfestRun 2021. With over eighty to see it is no wonder that I didn’t actually get around to seeing them all! Here are some of the ones that really stood out for me (in alphabetical order):

  • Big Bobble Hats – As we head for colder weather there’s nothing more perfect than a big woolly hat! But especially great is a big colourful fun one, with a big bobble on the top!

Big Bobble Hats come in a variety of eye catching colours – so there’s a perfect one to meet everyone’s tastes. Also they each have their own names – including “chilly willy!”

To be honest I often see runners in shorts still wearing a woolly hat but for me there’s another reason to wear one and that is when cold water swimming! It is really important for me not only to keep warm but to be seen (by boats and other water users). Big Bobble Hats do this perfectly. I was gifted my Big Bobble Hat but honestly I was about to go and get one anyway!

  • Eurotunnel – We love the Eurotunnel, for us it is the most sensible way to travel to Europe with the children. This is the way we cross when we have travelled to both France and Germany. There is no long delays, and no need to struggle with getting the children in and out of the car. Never mind the financial saving of not having to fly. Plus it is a lot more Covid-safe!
  • Flamingo Yoga Maya – These are absolutely amazing unique yoga wear with signature stretch towelling technology to wipe away sweat as you work out! Depending on which product you go for determines where the towelling part is – for example on the arms, or at the bottom of the top (which is easy to lift up and wipe).

Yoga is obviously a really good complimentary activity alongside run, but I think these tops are also ideal for running in! I was gifted a vest top because I get hot really easily. Sweat bands do not work for me as when I sweat they just irritate my skin. With the Flamingo Yoga Maya top that part isn’t touching my skin unless I am actively wiping it!

  • Flanci Activewear – New running gear is always exciting, but even more so when it is functional, fun and funky! That’s exactly what Flanci Activewear offer and deliver. I went with a Butterfly skort and blue vest top (gifted). The skort was really practical with a draw-string waist and pocket at the back big enough for my IPhone XS in a case! Best of all it stays put when running.

Not only were the Flanci Activewear fun and practical to wear on my run, but they are also wash well – retaining their colour and shape.

  • Magnets 4 Wellbeing – For those of you who have been following my Jeffing Half Marathon Training you will know that I have been in pain for a while. Ready to try anything to make it go away and get back to running as far and long as I would like, without suffering afterwards.

Magnets 4 Wellbeing are a new name in Magnet Therapy. That is using magnets over the body to relieve aches and pains. It works by using the Big Bertha Magnet to increase blood flow and thereby improving the transition of oxygen, nutrients and hormones around the body. I thought for £25 it was worth a go at least!

  • Stillers – Alcohol free distilled botanical drink. Distilled in the beautiful Wye Valley using carefully selected organically grown herbs and spices. No alcohol is used at any stage of crafting. A blend of juniper with citrus and rosemary notes. Plus they do a Plant Drops recovery drink – where you just add a few drops to water – that contains electrolytes.

Perfect for my new sober life. In fact I was really impressed with how it didn’t feel that alcohol was the norm at RunFestRun (although available) with plenty of alcohol free options.

Vaga running hat at runfestrun
  • Vaga Europe – Running in the heat can be really dangerous. I have been meaning to get a hat for running in for a while. The cap is so light and wicks sweat away. Plus it is designed to easily scrunch up, taking the least amount of room in a bag.

It was great to walk around and see all the great products on offer. Sample some new ones, replace some things I already had. Best of all there were some great discounts – such as £15 off Dryrobes!

Some of these products I was gifted. Opinions are honest and my own.

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