The Magic of Disneyland Paris – 20 Years on

Your children have seen the adverts and are begging you to go.

But before you get disheartened at not being able to take them have a think about what they (and you) are REALLY missing out on.


There’s the endless queues – this is just trying to get in!


Then there’s the crowds inside – pushing and shoving.


The unbearable heat (this is the start of June)


The magic of the castle isn’t quiet the same with a crane (and inside was boarded up and we couldn’t go upstairs!!!)


Lots of areas being “refurbished for my future enjoyment” do they know something I don’t know?



Whole areas just shut off


But of course the rides keep breaking down did allow for me to take some photos that I would not have otherwise managed to capture!




Disclaimer: This was actually 2011 (so 19 years on). All these photographs are my own. We did have a really good time. We fully paid for this trip – we booked direct with Disney as this was the cheapest option for us.

6 thoughts on “The Magic of Disneyland Paris – 20 Years on”

  1. Didn’t sound like or look much like that from the telly lol, sorry you experienced this! Love the way they state “further enjoyment” like they are paying for those from the UK and other destination to return lol

  2. Oh what a shame! It’s so unfair when you pay and make the effort to go and it isn’t all as it should be. We did have a magical time, but it cost a lot and the queuing was pretty awful

  3. Wow, it sounds like you encountered everything that could possibly go wrong! Glad you managed to have a good time despite it all though! The thing I couldn’t get over about the whole Disney thang when we were there was the grown adults pushing small children out of the way to get autographs Minnie & Mickey et al… Just bizarre! Thanks for joining us over at Love all Blogs Travel this week! Emma 🙂

  4. How unfair and disappointing! Not only for you but for the kids to! Glad you managed to have a good time though! We went to Disneyland about 4 years ago and it was very expensive and involved alot of queuing, but then I guess most theme parks do. We did however book a paris serviced apartment because the Disneyland hotels were horrendously overpriced! And i didn’t hear great things from some of the people we met! Did you guys stay in one of the hotels? or travel in?


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