#366 Ek Composting gone wrong! Help!!!

Well as you may notice I’ve been busy busy busy and not getting much blogging time.

One of the things I’ve been up to is sorting my vegetable patch

But during this time we decided to use our home made compost and this it turned out

Had rotten eggs in it.

No one seems to know now what to do and whether the compost is useable (especially to grow food). They have been in there years!!! Barf. Did not smell good. For now we have popped it back in the bin.

Anyone know what we can do please?

Fancy nominating the blog in the MADs in the thrifty category?
Here’s some of the reasons I think why I fit the category.

3 thoughts on “#366 Ek Composting gone wrong! Help!!!”

  1. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it looks like you have some great soil on the bottom! You will want to use that most likely. Personally, I would just till it right into the garden.

    The rest appears as though it just needs to decompose more. Do you turn your compost? I know, for us, we turn every month or so (in the warmer months) and it makes quick work of the items inside of our composter. Also, be sure that you are getting a good mixture of items. We toss in mostly food waste, but any chance I get I toss in some leaves or plants that I pull up to give it some non-food items.

    Also, if this is up next to the wall, is it possible that it doesn’t get enough moisture in that spot? That could slow the decomposition process.

  2. Looks like way too much food and not enough fiber.
    You need to mix in straw, cardboard, shredded leaves or grass. It should be 40% food scraps and 60% dry fiber material.
    If it stinks it is because it has become anaerobic. This means too little fiber and not enough turning it to add oxygen.
    Or you could start a worm bin and use that slop as worm feed 🙂


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