365 Week 3

Sunday 13th January – Nothing like a game of hide and seek


Monday 14th January – I forgot to take the chicken out for roast on Sunday so we ended up with it on Monday – and I cooked home made rice pudding at the same time.


Tuesday 15th January – we made snowmen

Wednesday 16th January – walk home from school, lots of fun as the new houses develop.


Thursday 17th January – shopping time, crazy people because of the predicted snow. Bought Chat magazine as there was a feature on the lovely Emma Hann


Friday 18th January – snow came and my angels had fun


Saturday 19th January – another touch to the Mario room.


Sunday 20th January – and appearances can be deceptive – the small snowman carried home from the park.


12 thoughts on “365 Week 3”

  1. you carried a snowman home from the park???? are you mad?? lol i also like your crafty snowman i should get Burton to make something like this although not sure i have any cotton wool. i also like the snowangel photo – lots of snow fun x

  2. That hide and seek picture has made me chuckle, please tell me there was a third person involved in the game and that they weren’t hiding from each other?

    Thanks for linking up


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