My Week that Was.



Sunday: In his favourite upside down position.

Monday: Cooked a roast and when I cut it open it was green. It was one of Asda’s finest – and according to the packaging and website they will refund and replace – alas they did not.

Tuesday: Little man keeps thinking he can fly – least it was this box and not the stairs this time.

Wednesday: A bit of balloon squashing until it went pop.

Thursday: My superheros!

Friday: Shh I’m not meant to take photos. One-to-one swimming lessons going well – he even wore his goggles!

Saturday: After a goodnight out with Mr Oddballs he cooked me a lovely sandwich in the morning.
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7 thoughts on “My Week that Was.”

  1. Love your cheeky swimming pic! It’s a shame we’re not allowed to take them anymore. Can’t believe the didn’t refund the green chicken though! Lovely pics x

  2. i love the super hero costumes, glad your little one is doing well at swimming.
    I can’t believe they didn’t give you a refund for the green chicken xx

  3. Oh my gosh! Asda are awful, I hope you’ve taken it further? Hassle their Twitter team if you can.I love the Buzzlightyear and Super Heroes photos. Brillaint. x

  4. yikes its that green chicken again!! what happened with that in the end? we also had a ballloon popping episode in our house this week too.i am glad that you and Mr Oddballs enjoyed a nice night out just the two of you, we dont do that very often and we should x


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