May is Active Family Month

What a spinning Pink Oddball looks like

Please can you join me in this week’s theme of Spinning!

We know how important it is to spend time with the boys – as a family, and individually, with each of them.

Getting outside, and being active, is also a top priority.

Spin the ball around

One of the advantages of changing schools is that we no longer need the car.

This gives us the opportunity on the way to go for a spin:

– on the bicycles


– on the scooters


This can help develop balance and co-ordination, as well as competitiveness (who can go fastest)


and unity (helping each other).


Even on skateboard


We also thought of other ways we could interpret going for a spin

Spinning around jump on the trampoline
Spinning with friends at the park

We headed to the beach where we found a pole to spin around


and on the sand we did some spinning around on the spot


Our youngest loves spinning, and soon joined in too.


We made the football spin around too


And drew a football pitch in the sand


And then we thought about what other things spun around

Swimming baths turnstile
Ferris Wheel

And of course the wheels on the carriage for the donkey


because of course no trip to the beach would be complete without a ride




23 thoughts on “May is Active Family Month”

  1. Love the going for a spin idea. I wonder if surfing a wave counts? That’s what our boys will be doing for their bank holiday monday (assuming the waves are good!) Great to have MotivationalMonday all outdoors, the getting out and active is perfect for Country Kids too so thank you for linking up.

    • I’m sure those waves will spin them around indeed – feel free to come back and link it up :O)
      Thank you 🙂

  2. This is a fantastic idea! Now I’ve got spinning in my head we must get out and give it a go! So many really good suggestions of how to!

  3. I love this post and had no idea May is Active Family Month! i’m actually doing a 5k in two weeks with my stepmother and I plan on having my toddler join us. I’m sure she’s not going to be able to run/jog/walk the whole way buy I will have a stroller on hand!

  4. thank you for linking me up . spinning has so many possibilities doesn’t it and you and your family have shown so many great examples. great fun and colourful photos xx


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