Let Us Tell You a Story- Part Three

Tired Mummy of Two

When you were a kid did you play the games when you folded up the paper and each did a bit? Like the ones of drawings – and someone would do the head, then the next person the body, the next the legs, and so on – then you’d put it all together and see if it made sense. Or the story ones when each person wrote a new line? Well the lovely Tired Mummy of Two thought it would be nice for a group of bloggers to get together and come up with our own story, with a new blogger posting a paragraph a day.

So, yes you’ve guessed it today is my turn. I take the baton from the lovely Domestic Goddesque who wrote yesterday’s paragraph.

It is interesting to find out where the characters will end up, what will the other authors invent for them? If you want to find out just follow the batons to the next blog, with a new paragraph being revealed each day. tomorrow is the turn of Team Lloyd (edited: now linked up so click the link to read the next part) I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.

13 thoughts on “Let Us Tell You a Story- Part Three”

  1. Laura has certainly had a tough time of it hasn’t she?

    I wonder what is going to happen to her and what is Simon planning?


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