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Blogging has been so empowering for me and really helped me grow as a person. I have become much more confident about doing things myself, and believing in myself. Something as simple as going to London on my own would have never been considered before I started to blog. Now, thanks to an invite to Warner House, I have taken my two youngest children on my own. I find it easier to do things when it’s for someone else and this was not an opportunity I was about to let my children miss.

warner bros event

It was a relaxed event and we were able to experience the latest home entertainment content and technology from Warner Bros, across games, films, tv and toys. There was a chance to experience what interested our particular family and have a catch up with other bloggers. Iconic cat and mouse rivals Tom and Jerry are back. Available to watch on Cartoon Network and DVD, they have a fresh new look with Flair taking the slapstick humour from television to toy box.

warner bros event

“The Tom Bomb Game is a great time sensitive game that allows kids to take turns sliding keys into the rocket to see who will be the first to launch Tom into space!”

warner bros event

The children really loved the private screening of Tom and Jerry, and it was great to see the familiar story of cat, mouse and dog! We also saw The Lego Movie trailer in 3D. We had previously watched it in 2D as we did not think that the children would wear the glasses for long enough. During this screening they did not seem bothered about the glasses, and it was a much better experience in 3D. I cannot wait until the summer when it will be out and we can watch it in 3D at home. There was also a 3D tv/blue ray to watch whilst there.

warner bros event

There were some great new products from Scooby-Doo. The boys loved the Scooby-Doo Wrestle Mania Original Movie – which appeals to many ages as it turns out that my 29 year old brother had also bought it! Also out is Scooby-Doo Trap Time which is all about catching the monster, unmasking the villain and solving the mystey! The Trap Time Frighthouse Playset is complete with lights and sounds, a trap door, and a glow-in-the-dark cave. There was a great big Scooby-Doo that went down well with the children.

warner bros event

The children were immediately drawn to Lego The Hobbit – which was available to play on the Ps4, XboxOne, Wii U, and 3DS. My boys immediately went for the only one of those consoles we do not have at home! (the XboxOne) and quickly picked up the game that they had never played. In fact they haven’t had anything to do with The Hobbit but loved it. I think its major appeal to them was because it is Lego, and they have previously played Lego Batman and The Lego Movie. I love how these games bring together children of different ages. We met Kara’s husband and 13 year old son, the latter of which helped my 6 year old to figure out how to progress in the game.

warner bros event

It was an amazing day. Lunch was provided as well as a superb good bag, which included 2 t-shirts (which were in adult sizes much to my youngest’s disappointment), DVDs, Lego Superman keyring (again my youngest is much disappointed that this is INDEED mine).

warner bros event

Thank you to Lisa Wood for the amazing face painting.

warner bros event
Johnny Depp

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warner bros event

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Motivational Monday

There will be no theme for May as I want to go back to why I started the linky and that was for self-improvement – whatever that may be.

 I was invited to a Warner Bros event with 2 of my children. Lunch and a goody bag was given. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Looks like you had a fab time, I love Tom and jerry as a child!
    Yay for you taking the boys on your own I would be scared, your boys are growing so quickly too xx

  2. you are such a good Mum and so hands on with your boys – it is always lovely to see your efforts.
    the WB day did look good – shame it was so far away as i was invited. i think you did so well to go by yourself with two of your children – not sure i would go to London with my two by myself!! the face painting is awesome isnt it?


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