Pretty Muddy 5K Race4Life

Pretty Muddy 5K Race4Life

Last Saturday was Race 4 Life’s Pretty Muddy. This is 5K with obstacles and mud. I have to admit there was a lot less mud (and obstacles) than I imagined. This race was more about a fun way of raising money and it definitely was that. I had been worried that my upper body strength was not enough but I need not have feared. In fact the toughest obstacle anyone could face I think was climbing over the net if they were really scared of heights. One such lady was but you know that there was such a lovely atmosphere as all us women came together to face the fight against cancer that it did not matter. In fact it was my friend Julie who stayed to help her over. Good karma was soon returned as they had run out of water and the very same lady offered to share hers.

pretty muddyDisappointed with just how clean I was looking I turned to see that a lady was a lot muddier than me. I asked her how and she told me she would help me! Sure enough she dragged me through the mud pit and I had great fun just rolling around in what can only be described as a huge paddling pool filled with mud!

With thanks

Our team The Fast Food Fighters have raised over £2,000 but it is not too late to sponsor us. They were so inspiring to keep me training, and although I was nowhere up to their fitness standards I made such great progress for me. When I first set out I hardly even walked anywhere and when I went out I had to stop every few steps to scratch my itchy legs. I feel really motivated to keep up my training and to seriously improve my health. I would like to give thanks again to Brioche Pasquier for their support to Cancer Research and our team. Also to Tesco – who have been supporting Race4Life for 14 years and have contributed over 20 million pounds! To DiaryDoll – because being a woman with a really heavy period and doing 5K is a frightening concept!!! It really did bring home why it is so important to have women only races too. Thank you to everyone who sponsored me and helped me give to such a great cause.

Pretty MuddyTo Vivobarefoot – my shoes definitely could handle all surfaces and I never once slipped in the mud. It was great to feel all the textures of the floor on the race course too. I was super impressed how none of the mud penetrated the shoes – leaving my socks clean and dry underneath. They washed clean in one wash (unlike my clothes!!).

kids vivobarefootThank you for the pair for The Sensory Seeker – they are perfect he can jump and jump and jump and they do not fall off! As a sensory seeker I think he is definitely feeling the benefits from them. Find out more about why Vivobarefoot are a benefit to children.

Check out more Pretty Muddy Photos on the Pinkoddy Facebook Page

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  1. Ooh well done! I must admit it sounds brilliant fun but I’m a bit squeamish about mud. How lame is that when my 10 year old is signed up for one?!

  2. Really interested to hear about these shoes in action, remember you telling me about them at Conkers. So well done, running is enough without the mud. I LOVED that pic on instagram.

  3. wow well done Joy (and the other muddy race runners) what an awesome achievement! i bet your family are so proud of you x


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