TSB ‘My Next Home’ Campaign

When we bought our house we were truly grateful that we were able to get onto the property ladder. We pretty much got what we could that suited our family’s needs for size and budget. It required a lot of work and we still have a long way to go. Sometimes I think that it will be our forever home just because it would be too much time, money and effort to do it all again but sometimes we think about where somewhere better would/could be. I am very much a person who likes things to be a person who pays for things outright or at least it makes financial sense in the long term. It was for this reason that we decided to visit TSB to see if we could get a mortgage. Then when we went to renew it at the end of the fixed term my husband looked at the TSB mortgage calculator before we went into the bank to speak to an advisor. The whole process was really thorough to ensure that it was the right product for us.

TSB 'My Next Home' Campaign

I think the first thing I would look for in a new house is it to be semi-detached – it is an absolute pain in the backside to have to drag things through the house (especially the bikes and scooters). It also means we cannot get machinery through to the back garden. We have a pretty decent sized kitchen compared to our previous homes – but it would be great to have one big enough for an island! A modern bathroom would be a must, as my husband has just worked so hard doing ours up he wouldn’t be happy if we moved somewhere that was not at least equally as good. Our current house has a garage conversion but this means there’s nowhere really to store our stuff – so again my husband would appreciate one of this. Plus a massive man shed – so he isn’t always losing his tools and saying he needs a bigger one! I would like to decorate it all white (a lot of our current house is) as I think the items in the house produce enough colour as it is. The boys could do with a games room and a gym might be nice. Whilst we are at it why not throw in a hot tub. I should imagine for all this we would need to get a bigger mortgage and we could check with the Mortgage Page to see just how much we could borrow.

What features would you have in your next house? Would you move far? Would you choice of decoration be much different to what you have currently?

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