Superworm Trail Forestry Commission

I think in this day and age it is easy to forget what it was like for us when we were children – you know when there were only 4 or 5 channels on the tv, hardly and computer games and we actually had to play. And you know what, we loved it! That is why I love getting my boys out to the Forest. They may even complain about going out (but not very often) but once they are there they have an amazing time. Over the summer we even went over after their dad had finished work, taking with us a picnic for tea. Parking closes at 9pm, and with no school the next day it didn’t matter if we stayed that late. Superworm Trail Forestry Commission

So off we went to do the Superworm trail. The Forestry Commission is great for children learning and exploring. The Superworm trail even has free downloadable activity sheets Even without them the trails are self-explanatory, a lot of fun and easy to follow.
Superworm Trail Forestry Commission

The boys just love the freedom of the great outdoors, to play with sticks, to run, to jump, to just generally let off steam. The trails help them focus (and slow down so we can catch up!) – with things to think about.Superworm Trail Forestry Commission

I love the way it gets them to learn without realising. This was during the school summer holidays and it was when our (then 7 year old) son was reading the sign that it was the first bit of reading he had done during the break.Superworm Trail Forestry Commission

If you haven’t already done The Superworm trail then be quick as December-February sees the introduction of The Stickman Trail. We may even take our head torches and do it in the dark!Superworm Trail Forestry Commission

Best of all at our local Forest at Beechenhurst Lodge in the Forest of Dean has just a small charge for parking. There is a Sculpture Trail, Tree Top Junior, play area, cafe, shop, toilets, climbing Tower and many adventures.

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8 thoughts on “Superworm Trail Forestry Commission”

  1. A great trail and lovely photos of your boys enjoying themselves. It doesn’t take much to inspire kids once they are out in the fresh air, but sticks, imagination and a fun trail are always a winner. Sounds like you have a forestry Commission gem near you. Thank you for sharing your adventure with me on Country Kids.

  2. Ah we did this in the summer at Wendover Woods! We were starting to spell the main words out to our (then) 3 y/o but I can’t wait until we do something like this and they can read it themselves! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  3. Nothing better than getting out and enjoying the fruits of nature. My boys are always reluctant to be dragged away from technology – but they love it when we do.

  4. We’re lucky to have woods near us so close to hand.It’s the only time when my kids are together without any arguments.We never got to visit any of Forestry Commission places this year, something to return next year I think.


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