Sensory Help in the Bathroom

When we redesigned our bathroom we had to really stop and think about our youngest son’s disability. He has Sensory Processing Disorder and the last thing we needed was him refusing to go to the toilet, brush his teeth and have a wash (because he could not cope with the sensory input, or lack of it). We took him along to make sure he approved of the colour scheme and later had some real issues adjusting him to a square toilet. When thinking about extra needs when designing a bathroom there may well be physical needs, as sensory, which can affect not just the disabled but the elderly too. It was useful to consider any future needs in our bathroom as well as the existing requirements as we did not fancy doing it all over again in a hurry.Bathroom on a Budget

Sensory Help in the Bathroom

I felt mindfulness really helped me understand what the Sensory Seeker needed in the bathroom. That is just focusing on the moment – really concentrating on how each of the senses affected me. Even the slightest tilt of my head under the shower made the noises sound very different. Sensory Processing Disorder is different for each individual and it can be every time they enter the bathroom, depending on their sensory diet that day. Knowing if our son would be effected by colours, smells, touch or temperature etc are very important factors in encouraging him into the bathroom, and then using the products he needs when in there (see also my posts about brushing his teeth and washing his hair).

Sensory Solutions in the Bathroom

There are additional solutions you can have added into a bath that may help with sensory issues such as Chromotherapy and Echo. Chromotherapy is based on light therapy and uses a visible spectrum of colours which help the body harmonise the emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. The colours can be fixed or run through a cycle of seven. Not only is this useful is you have a visually sensory seeker but it also encourages the mind and body to relax. Whilst Echo is a sound therapy which utilises sounds and music to create a relaxing environment. It works wirelessly from a music player using Bluetooth technology, with simple volume controls at the fingertips of the user. Again great for the auditory sensory seeker but also relaxing for mind and body.Sensory Help in the Bathroom

Do you have any other helpful hints when it comes to the bathroom?

Information on Chromotherapy and Echo from Bathing Solutions who have a Breaking Barriers Campaign who aim to break the social stigma for elderly people and encourage each other to take action and get inspired to learn new skills or tricks of the trade no matter how old they are.


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