Sensory Processing Disorder – Auditory (Hearing)


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7 thoughts on “Sensory Processing Disorder – Auditory (Hearing)”

  1. Thank you for another fabulously useful post. Actually our eldest is very sensitive to sound and I recognise much of what you say above. Will try some of your tips.
    H x

  2. A fantastic resource and you outlined everything so clearly. Love some of those tips to help too. When my little one covers her ears or holds her head I know things are about to escalate and it is becoming to much for her. Shall certainly be sharing this post around!

  3. My eldest has always been incredibly sensitive to noise, terrified of hand-dryers and fireworks – as I write we have thunder and he is out camping without us. It’s not a fear in the sense that he’ll cry but will have to cover his ears to muffle because he can’t stand it.
    I wonder if ear defenders or head phones with soothing music could help in very noisy environments? xx

  4. What a fantastic way to sum it up. My daughter suffers with hypersensitivity but if she is warned about the noise normally she can cope. She is 6 now and we have got to a point that if we sit in the car with her ear defenders on we can watch fireworks, last year we sat in the car with music on and ear defenders so each time it seems that she is taking a little bit of her protection away. She still hates hand dryers and that is getting worse with the introduction of the dyson airblade dryers. However give her music and she is in her element we attend lots of gigs and festivals and as long as she knows she can put her ear defenders on if it gets too much she can cope really well and the ear defenders go on and off throughout.

  5. Ahh, Joy, the more I read about sensory processing, the more I can apply to my DorkySon. He has ALWAYS been startled by loud noises. As a baby, it took months before he stopped crying every time he sneezed, because the noise startled him so much, and he still clamps his hand over his ears at least a couple of times a day because one noise or another is bothering him. I am going to go and do a lot of reading now, but all your advice makes lot of sense x


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