SodaStream: Benefits for a child with SPD

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I am really concerned about the amount of waste being sent to landfill, and having a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder ( and hence a fussy eater) can mean that it is even harder than usual to try to avoid waste. So I was really thrilled to be given the opportunity to review a SodaStream. My husband had never had one as a child, and of course my boys had never heard of one. They were really interested in how it works, and I explained about the gas canister, as they were expecting it to use electricity. One cylinder/canister makes up to 60 litres of drinks. When the gas cylninder/carbonator is empty then they can be returned to either SodaStream or an authorized SodaStream Retailer in exchange for a full cylinder/carbonator for the price of the gas refill only. If you do not wish to have a refill then you will be paid £1 if it is in good condition. Having a SodaStream not only saves waste it saves money too!


See how modern they’ve become too, see how we have a nice red one that fits in with our kitchen (which is still work in progress, you may still see the plaster on the walls, so colour really helps make this less depressing). I have a Source Red Metal model.


Luckily, it was ready quickly, as my children were very excited. Simply put the gas canister in the back and it’s ready to go. Pull the silver lever forward, fill the bottle to the water fill line, and push back in place.


The real benefit for our family is that there are 3 different levels of fizz – meaning that we can adapt the drink to meet our son’s sensory needs at that time. Usually he is sensory seeking so I made the drink with full fizz. You just push the button down until the lights appear – and let go when you have the desired amount of fizz. Make sure you pull the button right to the top –  you will hear all the gas escape (your sensory child may or may not like this as it is a little noisy, so be aware).


SodaStream has an endless variety of flavours making it cheaper and easier try new flavours – especially useful for our Sensory Child (and those who are sensitive to the smell sense), as it means we can try them in small quantities without the big waste. The range includes traditional flavours, and have to say I am really fussy about my Cola and only like the brand most associated with Christmas, but I did like this Cola a lot. Other flavours include diets and cocktails.


After seeing how well the berry picking went with helping our son with Sensory Processing Disorder try something new, I thought we would see if we could do this with drinks.


We did start with orange (a flavour he likes but usually has flat) and it was a big success.


My children do not normally remember to drink enough so I was really pleased to see them so enthusiastic to get on and make drinks for themselves.

bendy straw @pinkoddy

Also useful for those who are finding it hard to get their children to drink are these bendy straws, also make it fun by letting them blow bubbles.

You may also be interested in National Zero Waste Week Monday 2nd September 2013

I was sent a SodaStream and flavours in order to review it, I have received no other form of compensation. All opinions and photographs are my own.

17 thoughts on “SodaStream: Benefits for a child with SPD”

  1. Fantastic post, we love our soda stream. I like the fact that there’s endless options if you mix the syrups, home made cherry cola is really good.

  2. We have one and absolutely love it. I really like how it reduces waste and loved reading about how it’s helping your family in other ways too x

  3. So much fun!! You got the red one – they have moved on so much since I was a child, though I never had one 🙁 Definitely making up for that now, I am surprised at how easy it is to make such delicious drinks 🙂 x

  4. Think it’s amazing that SodaStream has had a rebirth. I thought it would go out of production and become just a thing of the past. But people seem to be loving it. Might get one – I know my kids would appreciate it

  5. oh this brings back childhood memories!! the gorgeous glass bottle that they used to come with. I think I’d love to re-live that! 🙂

  6. I love our sodastream, you must try mixing the flavours too – I’m particularly fond of strawberry and pink grapefruit! xx


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