Step by Step Photos Dinosaur Cake

I really like dinosaurs and so does my youngest son. When he said that for my birthday I should have a dinosaur party I agreed! My husband went to great lengths to give me a great dinosaur party including making his own dinosaur cake. He knows how much I LOVE photos so he took these step by step instructions on how to make a dinosaur cake.

If you missed the party you can see it here.

Why not go visit my Dinosaur board on Pinterest.

circular_cake cut_cake

step by step dinsaur cake @pinkoddy dinosaur_cake_cream



21 thoughts on “Step by Step Photos Dinosaur Cake”

  1. I made a dinosaur cake last week I think I found it on a link to another blog from yours. It wasn’t that great but toddler loved it. Yours is really good. Mine is on my twitter page @cassam101

  2. I love that cake and the photos make it look so easy…I could perhaps master this one! Am sure you have been having lots of fun while not blogging so don’t stress!


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