Our Youngest Son is 7 Today!

Our Youngest Son is 7 Today!

Today our youngest son has turned 7 years old. Originally due on my birthday he arrived 5 weeks early to celebrate with the Queen instead! He was a good weight at 7lbs 1oz, born in the evening and sent home the very next day. Unfortunately he many trips backwards and forwards to the hospital, losing … Read more

GCSE Results

GCSEs come at such a difficult time. I actually remember writing about this in my own GCSE English exam (the unseen creative writing bit I believe). Surrounded by a hall of 6th formers doing retakes, it was such a distraction. That’s the thing isn’t it – hormones are raging, kids are wanting to be adults … Read more

Wear it for Autism

Wear it for Autism

Wear It For Autism Takes Centre Stage Tickets for the Star-studded Charity Fashion Show Now Available Taking place on 10 September at the Vinyl Factory in the heart of Soho, London, Wear it For Autism is a fashion show with a difference. All the models taking part have, in some way, been affected by autism … Read more

Smurf 2: It’s all about the people you take on your journey

Smurfs 2 - Relationships Pinkoddy

The Smurfs 2 film, for me, was about the fact that it doesn’t matter who made you, or where you have come from but what you are going to do now, how you decide to act, which determines where you are going. This is something I have already previously touched on here. Evil wizard Gargamel … Read more

Dinosaur Bedroom Makeover

This post is about how we moved our son, with special needs, out of our bedroom and into his own DINOSAUR room for his 4th birthday. You may recall that last July we bought our first house – you can see the before pictures here. Well it is a slow project as we have the boys, … Read more

Dining with Dinosaurs #Hungry2Happy Challenge

This post is an entry for Britmums’ Hungry to Happy Challenge sponsored by Richmond Mini Meatballs Trying to keep up with all the demands of family life is no mean feet I tell you – and I’m a full time stay at home mom – so hats off to those of you who work as … Read more

Understanding Sensory Modulation

We receive lots of information through all our senses. They tell us what we can hear, feel, see, smell, which way up we are and movement. We then filter out which bits of information we need to make sense of things, and to tell us how to behave. Sometimes we all can struggle with this … Read more

Parent-Child Led Activities with Disabled Children

It is known that warm and responsive parenting is optimal for child development. A study* has found that “the parents of children with disabilities and suspected delays evidenced significantly lower levels of warmth and less frequent parent–child activities compared with other parents.” With studies like this it is always a case of the sample utilised, … Read more