Dining with Dinosaurs #Hungry2Happy Challenge

This post is an entry for Britmums’ Hungry to Happy Challenge sponsored by Richmond Mini Meatballs


Trying to keep up with all the demands of family life is no mean feet I tell you – and I’m a full time stay at home mom – so hats off to those of you who work as well. Trying to juggle 4 children at 4 schools and their after school activities and trips –plus fitting in dinner can be a bit challenging: Especially when you have a fussy child who doesn’t want his food touching, and is particular about what he eats. They come home like they’ve NEVER been fed and want food like yesterday!

 Thursdays are particularly busy in our house: Fourth born finishes at noon, third born finishes at 3:45 (which is when my second born arrives back home) and my first born and husband finally getting home at 5pm. Then my friend drops her son off at 5:30 ready for cubs at 6, and my oldest needs to also be out by 6 for his lifeguarding lessons. It doesn’t really leave a lot of time to organise dinner.


Luckily Richmond’s mini meatballs didn’t take very long to cook at all (10 minutes in the oven but only a minute in the microwave), frozenmeatballs

and I literally just put them on a tray and left them in the oven to cook.  tomatoey_sauce

Coupled with some sauce I made by just mixing a can of chopped tomatoes with basil and a jar of green pesto.


I invited some Dinosaurs to join us – knowing that my youngest would be more likely to be enticed to try it. We are awaiting to see if he has Sensory Processing Disorder and/or Autism – but we DO know he is very particular about food and DOES NOT like change.

We use a plate with different compartments so that he can see that the food is not touching.

I coloured the spaghetti with green food dye to make it look more like grass, and cheese is always a firm favourite. (Note he didn’t have any sauce).


He was excited to even see the Dinosaurs (who were obviously trying to eat the cheese) as I dished up the dinners.

My older children thought that how I presented their food looked like a volcano.

dinosaur_eating_dinner I am really pleased to say that the dinner was a BIG hit.

Even my youngest ate all of his and was allowed some cake.

I think the Dinosaurs will be coming to eat Mini Meatballs again.

I received vouchers to cover the cost of the meatballs. All opinions are my own.

11 thoughts on “Dining with Dinosaurs #Hungry2Happy Challenge”

  1. sings: “on top of spaghetti… all covered with cheeeeeeese…”. I worked, very briefly (half a day), at the Richmond sausage factory in my yoof. I always find the juxtaposition of their idyllic “Coming Home for Summer” ad with my mornings experience as a skin runner in central Tunbridge Wells highly amusing 🙂

  2. I love pesto, always a perfect match for pasta. So cute that the dinosaurs were invited for dinner. Must steal your idea for my little man.


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