Dinosaur Bedroom Makeover

This post is about how we moved our son, with special needs, out of our bedroom and into his own DINOSAUR room for his 4th birthday.

You may recall that last July we bought our first house – you can see the before pictures here.

The picture with the cupboards is the before dinosaur room pic

Well it is a slow project as we have the boys, and to be honest, it’s got to a state where we could get by in and still enjoy life. But one of the things we did have to do was get our youngest into his own room (he was sharing with us). Not just for us, but for him.

We think he has sensory processing disorder, and disturbed sleep wasn’t doing him or us any good. We were praying that hoped that being in his home own room would help him sleep. In fact it has done much more than that, as it’s his own space, and he can take himself off there – brilliant.

Our main problem was we had kind of thrown all our junk in his room.

Embarrassing before picture

We set ourselves a deadline date of his birthday to get him in there.

Thing was we had only left ourselves a week and the ceiling needed replastering (the previous owners had put tile grout on it and then covered it up with lining paper!)


After the ceiling was plastered it, and the walls needed plenty of painting (and repainting).

But once that was done it was really simple to turn it into a beautiful dinosaur room.


We bought some Dinosaur Wall stickers £5.89 EBay


Making sure that we put them up high, otherwise he would just pull them off again.


There are all different types – but we went for friendly, cartoon looking ones.


And a much used Dinosaur Height chart £8.49 Ebay, which is also a wall sticker.


We bought some other dinosaur bits from Store Twenty-one – which are now currently on sale.


A chalk board which we wrote his name on.


Photo frames, little drawers and hooks, a blanket and a rug.


The curtains were from Tesco Direct.


 The quilt cover and pillow case is Rex from Toy Story – and was from Asda.


The feet for the bed I got from Ebay but were originally from Ikea.


We also bought some storage tubs from Morrisons


 I think they were a couple of pounds each too.


and some lovely green wardrobes from IKEA – which I see have since been reduced.


Barnslig Mirror £16 from IKEA

This Ikea mirror I thought looked dinosaury. Mirrors are good for helping build self-esteem and excellent for Sensory processing. The same with the hook I think was meant to be a dog tail, but I think it looks dinosaur.


 Two tiered Dinosaur Light shade £11.95 EBay

Some little touches like a dinosaur teddy


As he is starting school this year we thought a dinosaur toy box that was also a desk would be great – and so got this from

Wooden Toy Shop.co.uk 


Good quality, spacious and practical – oh and it has Dinosaurs!!

We received the Dinosaur Toy Box/Desk FREE in return for a feature on this blog. No other compensation has been received for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

37 thoughts on “Dinosaur Bedroom Makeover”

  1. Wow, that bedroom is amazing! What a lucky boy! My boys still have a dinosaur bedroom, although at 9 and 12 I think it’s time to get rid! It was never meant to stay that long.

  2. I love what you’ve done, such a lovely and thoughtful room for your little boy. I hope it gives you all the peaceful nights you need.

  3. Wow, that looks fantastic! I love the picture frames, hooks and the bed feet. Well done, that’s a great transformation. I bet he is really loving his new bedroom. x

  4. Brilliant job! I hope I can be so creative when decorating my kids bedrooms when we move, it’ll be the first time they’ll have had rooms of their own. I’m sure the Little Man would love a dinosaur theme.

  5. I think that room is amazing!! i love all the finishing touches! thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments, his first room is certainly a magic moment x

  6. There is so much love in your house but I would just like to send you some from ours as well. Amazing little boy and mega amazing parents. 😀 *hug*

  7. That looks amazing! I love it! It takes ages to sort a house out, doesn’t it? Ours is so bad, I just can’t motivatee myself at the moment so this post was motivational for me! 🙂 I love the dino toy box been looking at the flower version for my girls xxx

  8. that dinosaur room looks great! i bet he loves it and i love all the details that make it so special and unique. a room made with love 🙂
    i the same vein i have linked up a make over post from a few years ago x

  9. What a brilliant looking room! I love how you’ve been imaginative and used non dinosaury things that fit in with the theme to turn them into dinosaur things!

  10. What a fantastic room – bet he LOVES it! Really looks wonderful, so much imagination gone into it – love those feet too! Thanks for doing the Parenting Pin it Party 😀

  11. It looks wonderful and he looks so proud to be in his own room – well done you! I love the dinosaurs and I am sitting in waiting for those same wardrobes to be delivered from Ikea today (I got mine in the sale though ;)).

  12. Seeing this reminded me of when my son was little. He had a thing for a cartoon series called Land Before Time… It was nowhere near as big as his Wacky Races phase, but enjoyable while it lasted. One of his first computer games (PS1) was based on the series and he would get very ‘flappy’ on some of the levels! There were also several educational CD Roms for the PC, so dinosaurs helped him learn reading and writing and maths skills etc…
    The bedroom looks lovely, and thanks for the memories 🙂

  13. Oh I really love the friendly dinosaur wall stickers you’ve chosen! Lots of practical little touches too. The Toybox desk is such a good idea too.

  14. You’ve done a great job. My friend’s son is dinosaur mad and she is doing up his bedroom,you’ve gave me great ideas for gifts for him.

  15. Awesome dino-skillz! What a great transformation! I’ve been coveting those wardrobes in IKEA for a while now! x

  16. What a lovely boy’s room, I really want to give some of our rooms a more child friendly look – may steal some of your ideas 😉 x

  17. FInally got round to looking at the pictures! Looks amazing – I love the bed feet – what and amazing idea! HOpe the tail fits in with the theme ok x x


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