Saint Germain Le Vieux France Air BnB

We booked accommodation for the five of us through Air BnB for one night in Normandy. This was to help break up the journey back from Montpellier. It was a lovely place in Saint Germain Le Vieux in the North West of France and just under a four hour drive from Calais.

Farm house in Saint Germain Le Vieux France

We literally just wanted somewhere to lay our heads so really didn’t worry too much and I almost had a wobble and changed the booking when the host told us that they would use Google translate to work out what we were saying in English. Turns out that Sophie’s English was much better than she had made out and we had no trouble at all. The only problem in fact we did have is that she sent an e-mail about finding the place after we had left England so I never received it until I got home. Luckily my French was enough to communicate (well more their English too) with a neighbour and we found it. I am so glad we didn’t change it as it was the most wonderful place to stay.

father and son on pedalo in France

The accommodation was on a working farm. It was absolutely beautiful with such a lovely colour scheme – with so much thought that had gone into it (such as matching red dice puffas). We had two bedrooms and a fold out bed in the living area. Plus there was a lovely seating area outside – perfect for the hot weather we had.

sheep on farm at Saint Germain Le Vieux France Air BnB

There was a beautiful kitchen which had everything we needed – including the use of basics. Plus there was a washing machine, iron etc too. The shower was great and each of us had clean towels to use. The place was super tidy and had wonderful scents around.

kitchen at Saint Germain Le Vieux France Air BnB

The boys loved it because there was free WiFi (although they did also play the games provided too). I loved it because it was quiet and calm – we could pick the fruit off the bushes and eat it, use the pedalo and see the animals. In fact there was loads of lovely nature to explore, especially around the private little lake. There was a friendly dog who came to see us and the owners were good at leaving us alone but yet being close by enough if we had any troubles.

dog at Saint Germain Le Vieux France Air BnB

I honestly haven’t described how wonderful this place is – but it really was perfect, especially the tranquillity of the place after such a busy holiday. Although it was only a stop gap I would be very tempted to book a stay there on its own.

butterfly at Saint Germain Le Vieux France Air BnB

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