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For our final post as ambassadors for the National Geographic™ STEM educational kits from Bandai we were sent two more full dig kits (Gemstone and Shark Tooth) and the the National Geographic™ Ultimate Play Sand. We have previously reviewed their Dig Kits (Dino Fossil and Real Bug) and Mini Dig Kits (Shark, Dino Poop and Treasure); their Crystal Lab kits and Sea Monkeys; Build your own Volcano and Geodes.

National Geographic STEM Kits from Bandai

The National Geographic™ Ultimate Play Sand

The National Geographic™ Ultimate Play Sand feels great and never dries out. Easy to mould into shape and the kit contains 6 brightly coloured shapes (in pink and green). It is a simple kit also containing just 2lb (0.9kg) bag of green play sand and a plastic sand tray.

The National Geographic™ Ultimate Play Sand

Although great fun and can be played with straight out of the box there is no scientific explanation as to why the sand does not dry out – just what to do if it changes due to humidity. It would also have been great if the tray had a lid provided to make it more portable/for storage reasons. The National Geographic™ Ultimate Play Sand also comes in other colours.

The National Geographic™ Gemstone and Shark Tooth Dig Kits

As I have said we have previously used The National Geographic™ Dig Kits and Dig Kit Minis so knew exactly what we were doing. Children learn in different ways and it is one of the reasons that I feel home education is perfect for the sensory seeker. He was pleased that he got to dig out a Shark Tooth as his brother got to do the Shark mini dig kit. Whilst he happily investigated digging out the 3 types of Shark tooth and 3 Gemstones I read to him the information in the corresponding learning guides. It was really interesting to hear what he already knew from playing computer games – particularly about the different types of gemstones. I think he really liked that each month of the year has a corresponding gemstone – which made it a bit more about him.

The National Geographic™ Dig Kits

As with all The National Geographic™ Dig Kits he wore old clothing and did the dig outside – which is a great reason to get outdoors. Through doing the The National Geographic™ Dig Kits he has learnt patience and precision, as well as identifying and all the facts associated with his finds.

The National Geographic™ Dig Kits  Sand Tiger Shark Tooth

Suitable for ages 8+

National Geographic™ Kits (RRP: £9.99) and National Geographic™ Mini Kits (RRP: £4.99)

Visit for further information.

Bandai STEM Ambassador badge

We are Bandai STEM Ambassadors and were sent the Dino Fossil and Real Bug Dig Kits for purposes of review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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