Silverstone Drive Lapland Review

Gifted Visit from Silverstone Drive Lapland

Silverstone, the Home of British Motorsport, are offering a covid-safe way to celebrate Christmas as a family with Drive Lapland! The perfect gift for Formula 1 fans and families alike! Not only that but whilst there you can add on a Drive-in of The Snowman and follow it up with a visit to The Silverstone Experience.

Silverstone Drive Lapland

For the first time ever there is the opportunity to drive a lap around the Grand Prix Circuit, Silverstone, whilst enjoying a festive light and laser spectacle. Led by Santa’s security car the whole family can experience the magic at a leisurely pace in complete safety. With maximum speeds over 5 mphs and no over-taking you can be assured that you will not feel rushed.

Light display at Silverstone Drive Lapland

From only £35 per car I am sure you will agree that this is a great rate to be able to drive on the iconic track – as well as having festive fun for as many people as can legally fit into your vehicle at once.

Part of the magic is also how you can be part of it – as you can chose the music you listen to and get a shout out through their Drive Lapland radio! I was so excited to hear that my friends were with me in their cars – even if I couldn’t see them!

Light display at Silverstone Drive Lapland

A lap around Drive Lapland Silverstone takes approximately 30-40 minutes. You are advised to arrive 40 minutes before your allotted time. There is a chance to visit the toilet at the very start. You can purchase flashing lights from one of the many Elves – plus look out for Father Christmas!

We really liked the lights and lasers. There was a good variety, so it wasn’t all the same. With changing coloured blocks, to flickering lights, sequenced to make it feel like movement, fire, globes, and much much more.

Drive Lapland is definitely a popular attraction this year – they have already sold out pre-Christmas. Booking is still available from Boxing Day to 3rd January 2021 at the time of publishing.

Light display at Silverstone Drive Lapland

The Snowman Drive in

After the Drive Lapland Experience you can go on to the Drive-In to watch The Snowman. This is from £50 per car (including Lights and Lasers). Again this is for as many people as you can legally have in your car. For an average family car this would work out as just £3 per person!

Showings of The Snowman have a little bit of a wait whilst other cars arrive. Once you are parked you can get out of your car (being covid-safe) and visit the toilets, purchase food and drinks or play the onscreen game whilst you wait. Oh how lovely it was to hear the family car next to us really enjoying the game too!

Food and Drink at the Drive-in

There are 3 stalls available – Ben & Jerry’s, a Sweet Stall and a Hot and Burger & Fries stall.

Some of the items available at the Burger & Fries stall are:

  • Classic burger – can add cheese and bacon;
  • Louisiana crispy chicken burger;
  • Texan spiced pulled pork burger;
  • Smokey bacon fries;
  • Texas mess (bold spicy Texas pulled pork and cheese, finished with fresh sliced chillies.
  • Regular fries £3.60
  • Hot drinks: Tea £2.20, Coffee £2.50, Hot chocolate £2.50;
  • Soft drinks £2.80, Mineral Water £2.30

You could couple your visit either before or after you can visit The Silverstone Experience

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  1. That looks like a great night out and a lovely experience. Something a little different and I do fancy trying a drive in movie x


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