Planning a Story with Lego Friends Jungle Tree Sanctuary

Planning a Story with Lego Friends  Jungle Tree Sanctuary* The Lego Friends Jungle Tree Sanctuary* (£24.99) has plenty of props and detail to aid the story telling. The set includes Mia and a variety of animals. There is lots of detail and includes a microscope, a laptop, camera, bath, banana, bone, chicken, biscuits, binoculars, walkie … Read more

Lego Photography Wyldstyle

Lego Photography Wyldestyle

Lego Photography with Wyldstyle was inspired by Eurovision winner bearded lady Austrian drag queen Conchita Wurst. I simply changed Wyldstyle’s head to one with a bit of facial hair, she is also wearing sunglasses as we were venturing into the garden on a hot day. My family and I have become more and more into playing with Lego … Read more

Lego Brick Costume for Big Yellow Friday

Lego Brick Costume Big Yellow Friday

Lego Costume for Big Yellow Friday Lego has been a favourite in our house for a long time. As I have said before it is the one of the things that really unites the boys across the age differences. Lego can be used for solitary play and as part of a team. They all really … Read more

Legoland Windsor Halloween 2013 #Review

Legoland Windsor Review 2013 Halloween,Fireworks and a Birthday

My boys love love Lego and so naturally that was where my son wanted to visit for his birthday. We had previously visited for their Halloween and fireworks display and so I offered to share what Legoland Windsor 2013 had to offer, in return for tickets into the park (and a review of our day). Legoland … Read more

Lego Union Jack

LEGO union jack

I have been teaching my son about the alphabet (that post is still to come this week) and this week is the turn of J so as part of that we made a Union Jack for the Jubilee out of Lego. First we sorted out the red, white and blue Lego. Unfortunately my son found … Read more