Lego Union Jack

I have been teaching my son about the alphabet (that post is still to come this week) and this week is the turn of J so as part of that we made a Union Jack for the Jubilee out of Lego.

First we sorted out the red, white and blue Lego.

Unfortunately my son found it really hard to push the Lego together with his broken arm

We made a letter T

Then turned it into a cross then added the white bits

He was very happy with it

We made a frame around it to help keep it together and stand up.

Have you made anything for the Jubilee?

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12 thoughts on “Lego Union Jack”

  1. Happy Birthdayxxx
    Awesome Union Jack. When he’s old enough we’ll need to teach Second Born Son to do a N.Z flag…..hmmmm that might be a bit tricky maybe just stick to the Scottish flag when it comes to it!

  2. That is superb! I am really impressed. We don’t have any lego yet.

    Thanks for sharing on Family Frolics.

  3. that is very clever, I’m not sure I would have been able to work out how to sequence the bricks so they stayed together and still looked like a flag. Nice one. I am feeling rather guilty that I have done nothing at all to mark the Jubilee. Maybe I’ll go buy a crown!


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