Jeffing Sub 2 Hour Training Plan Schedule

Regular readers will know that when I devised a Training Plan for Jeffing Sub 2 hour Half Marathon.  That I had discovered Jeffing and already taken time off my half marathon but without any training. Jeffing is a run/walk technique. You can use a smart watch for alerts or a Gymboss. Things to Note Before … Read more

Missed Doctor’s Appointments £10 Fines: Sunak Penalises Poor

Our Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wants £10 fines for missed doctor’s appointments here in the UK. As each missed appointment costs the NHS an average of £30 per person. With more than 15 million no-shows at GP surgeries every year. Charging for missed appointments apparently encourages patients to be proactive about their health and can … Read more

Inspirational Runners: Mandy’s Story

Sometimes people have amazing stories that you are just not aware of. Mandy had been at the running club I go to for years before I joined. I knew she was a good runner and was aware that she had run the New York Marathon but no idea about her reasons why (she runs too … Read more