Designer Gifts Ideas for Men this Christmas for Under £25

This post contains gifted items. When it comes to Christmas Shopping for Men it can be a tad bit difficult. In my experience they either have all they want already, or they want things that are really expensive. There are many practical things they always need and by buying designer it turns kitting them out … Read more

The Swimming Journey

As a parent it is tricky and we each have to decide how much (if at all) to push our children, or where to rein them in or stop ourselves. In this example we are talking about sport but I am sure it could be applied to a million things. I think parents are all … Read more

Gloucestershire #MyCommunityandMe

Harry Potter at Gloucester Cathedral

Taking pride in where you live and getting involved in the local community I feel really help make a place feel like a home. If you do not respect what you have then are you really going to be happy over the long term? That’s why I am glad that we have settled in Gloucestershire … Read more

Should schools only pick the best children for Sport?

Should schools only pick the best children for Sport?

This week the boys’ school joined in with lots of other local schools for the annual athletics competition. Hosted at the local secondary school children spent many hours on Tuesday evening competing against each other. I have been attending this event for many years as my oldest son was also very sporty – and have … Read more

Half Marathon Training Resting Again

running boy

This was another rest week and so I planned on catching up commenting on Blog Posts – but in reality I slept a lot. And when I say a lot I mean pretty much all the time I possibly could! When I wasn’t sleeping I was catching up on housework and looking after my children … Read more

Livestock Festival for Children

livestock festival for children

Livestock 2016 was my children’s first time at a music festival and what an amazing place to take them for such a memorable experience! Why Livestock Festival is great for Children Livestock Festival was absolutely perfect for such a variety of audiences but we took along our youngest two children who are ages 7 and … Read more