Half Marathon Training Resting Again

This was another rest week and so I planned on catching up commenting on Blog Posts – but in reality I slept a lot. And when I say a lot I mean pretty much all the time I possibly could! When I wasn’t sleeping I was catching up on housework and looking after my children in one form or the other – for example shopping for new rugby boots (which have been worn once and now not needed!), parents evenings and trips to the hospital (reassuring my youngest he was not going to die!).lego pain assessment tool

I also had big plans about eating better and drinking more water – well I did start drinking more water but that’s about it! I have to admit I did get drinking my herbal tea more again. And to be fair I did start adding seeds to my breakfast in the morning. I didn’t even manage to get any more fruit or vegetables into my diet – in fact my food intake is a great big fail.

During running club I went with the Relaxed Reds and it was nice to go for a gentle and manageable 3 mile run – mostly talking to my new friend Sharron – whose daughter goes to the same club as my boys too! Parkrun this week I marshalled – and what an amazing experience that was. Being on the fourth point I could really get an indication of how well my teen was doing and encourage him: He took around a minute off his time (24:32). Then he chose to just have cookies rather than travelling 10 miles to get him a Krispy Kreme!running boy

On the Sunday morning my husband went out and ran 10k in 50 minutes and has new-found respect for me (especially with it leaving him so tired). But if you want inspiration my friend Elliot did the Bath Half Marathon and was tripped near the start. Despite hurting his arm and leg he got up and completed it in 1:19:12!

Really unsure quite how I am going to do any running the following week as just staying awake has been a challenge this week!

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  1. Oh my goodness, your friend’s HM time is incredible! I’m going to be working on speed later in the year after I’ve got the triathlon out of the way. I’m glad you caught up on some sleep, it must have been nice to have a rest week.


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