Designer Gifts Ideas for Men this Christmas for Under £25

This post contains gifted items.

When it comes to Christmas Shopping for Men it can be a tad bit difficult. In my experience they either have all they want already, or they want things that are really expensive. There are many practical things they always need and by buying designer it turns kitting them out into a thoughtful gift.

Mainline Menswear is a leading menswear retailer based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. They stock over 85 designers and currently have over 1000 gifts onsite. Although their products are designer they do suit a range of budgets. From stocking fillers to larger ticket items. They boast over 66,000 positive reviews and 10% off Student Discount too!

Designer Gift Ideas for Under £25

I had a good look at the Mainline Menswear Gift section to see what I could find for under £25. The products can be searched for in price brackets: There are currently 370 products for under £25. There are an additional 494 priced at £25-£50; 200 in the £50-£100 range and 406 for £100+.

Searches can also be made by price, colour, brand, size and category. The under £25 products can be further broken down into socks (183), underwear (45), bags/holdalls (68), caps and hats (68), and accessories (6).

Socks the Staple Christmas Gift for Men

Let’s face it men need socks for Christmas. I have had times when I didn’t buy them and the men in question were like – where are the socks? I opted for the Tommy Hilifiger Two Pack Socks Red (which come with red and blue pairs) for £13.

You can search the socks either by size or colour but not type or the amount of socks and price (ranging from £8 to over £100 on sale!). There are available as a single pair, two, three, five and six pair packs. There are trainer/liner socks as well as full length ones. So as you can see there’s quite a bit of thought you can put into selecting the right pair of designer socks as a Christmas gift.

Mainline Menswear offer a variety of designer brands to make those socks a bit more special. These include Nike, Adidas, Emporio Armani, Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel RAY, BOSS, Levi’s, Luke1977, HUGO, Fred Perry, Under Armour, Lyle and Scott, Paul Smith, Gant and Birkenstock.

Designer Underwear Gifts for Men

Let’s face it who doesn’t need underwear? Something the majority of men where every day! Whether it is lounge around the house in just their pants, not being embarrassed when getting changed (for PE for example) or just for every day comfort.

I opted for the Levi’s Men Solid 2 Pack Briefs Blue for £25.

In the underwear range there is the option of boxers, trunks or briefs – or as a gift set accompanied by socks! Again you can select by size, colour, price, and brand (Emporio Armani, Boss Business, Hugo, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, Farah and Money Clothing). They are available in packs of 1, 2 or 3. Prices range from £14.79-£25.00.

Designer Bags for Men this Christmas

Bags are useful and practical in so many ways – again going for a Designer brand just makes things a bit more stylish. These are especially good if they have a hobby. I opted for the Nike Training Brasilia Bag (£11) perfect to use as a boot bag for our teen’s rugby, and an Adidas Originals Monogram waist bag (£22) for my husband to keep his valuables safe whilst running.

There are 67 bags/holdalls to choose from – including Duffle, Sling, Shoulder, Cross, Waist, Map, Flight and Backpacks. Prices range from £11.00-£235.

Why a Designer Hat is a Great Gift for Men this Christmas

There are three types of hat – caps, beanies and buckets. Obviously with the cold weather a warm hat is always going to be a hit. Even more so if they are taking part in any outdoor sport (such as skiing or wild swimming). But a cap could also be useful! Take running for example – they may get too hot in a beanie, but a cap would stop the rain getting in their eyes. Then in summer it would help stop them getting burnt/heat stroke. As well of course all being very fashionable. I opted for the Nike Metal Swosh Cap (£15) as it is similar to the one my husband lost in Venice. Also the Adidas Originals Bobble Hat Navy (£20).

Hat prices range from £14.94-£25. With a range of colours and Brands (Adidas, Nike, The North Face, Lyle and Scott, Levi’s, Luke 1977, Barbour Beacon, Farah, Superdry, Carhartt, Vans, Fila Vintage, Helly Hansen, Columbia and Deus Ex Machina).

Accessories for Men

Of course there are many accessories that would make great Christmas gifts for men – such as cufflinks, wallets, a belt, robe, scarf, gloves, or towel. Gift accessories for men start at £7 for a designer face mask and go up to £155 for a wallet.

I opted for Superdry Orange Label Logo gloves (£13) because again this is such a practical thing to need right now. Particularly now that one of our sons has taken up cycling at night.

Conclusions of Mainline Menswear Gifts

I found the Mainline Menswear site easy to navigate. There is a good range of products and easy to filter to find what you want. The products arrived quickly, well-packaged and of good quality. I feel that they offer good value for money for designer products.

Of course other obvious choices are a new mug (check out The Best Mug Gift Guide). For some zero waste ideas of thoughtful Christmas gifts see Give well this Christmas

I was gifted the products for the purpose of this post, opinions are honest and my own.

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