What you Need for the First School Skiing Trip

What you need for the school skiing trip covers what you need to pack and how to help prepare physically. Let’s face it when it comes to sending your children off on their own you do not want to get it wrong. Especially if they are going to get wet and cold in a foreign … Read more

Beginners Skiing and the Accident

beginners skiing group

Our teen has talked about going on holiday skiing for years. Problem is he had only ever skied once when we visited the indoor snozone at Milton Keynes. Although there’s instructors on these skiing holidays in my opinion learning from scratch and just being on the nursery slopes whilst there is just a waste of … Read more

Family Skiing thanks to Spogo at Snozone

Family skiing Spogo snozone

There are lots of reasons people are put off getting fit, and just lack the motivation to try. I think this is especially true in these cold months. Trying to find time to regularly attend a gym, or worried about body shape, family commitments and money, I think are probably high up there in the … Read more

January Spends – How Well My Trying Not to Spend Went!

Spoiler alert our January Spends were still high despite trying to cut back in order to catch up on my post Christmas Credit card bill! This January I decided to try to cut back on spending. In order to help with this I wrote down every time I spent money. Then I added on the … Read more

Advice for Buying The Perfect Age 9 Girls Presents [AD]

AD: This is a paid for promotion for Girls Presents When tasked with writing about girls presents for 9 year olds I knew the best course of action was to ask my friends. What soon became clear is that, although there are many presents which a lot of girls may like, it is clear that … Read more

HARIBO Festive Gingerbread Train

What a great way to build up the excitement of Christmas than by building a HARIBO Gingerbread Train. Who doesn’t love a sweet treat and what better way of building memories. Small gestures can make a really big difference, to give that warm and fuzzy feeling inside, so you could gift your Christmas Gingerbread train … Read more

Designer Gifts Ideas for Men this Christmas for Under £25

This post contains gifted items. When it comes to Christmas Shopping for Men it can be a tad bit difficult. In my experience they either have all they want already, or they want things that are really expensive. There are many practical things they always need and by buying designer it turns kitting them out … Read more

School Summer Holidays during Corona Virus

The school summer holidays are really odd this year. It is actually the first time in years that it is truly the holidays because whilst we were home educating we had kept work going throughout, even if that meant just the twice weekly sessions with Explore Learning. But with our youngest returning to school in … Read more

Birthday help in the Pandemic from Moonpig

This post is published because of a gifting opportunity. Having a birthday during a pandemic is hard but particularly so if it is a special birthday. Our son turns 17 this month and the corona virus has changed everything about our plans to make it special. We were at a bit of a loss as … Read more