Do you want to Build a Snowman

Of course you want to build a snowman that’s why you are here! Popular even before the days of Frozen and Frozen 2 who does not love to create this festive guy. We have had so much fun as our children grew over the years making snowmen in all different ways – not just outside … Read more

Some things you just don’t want to do

Our youngest son most likely has Autism. I say most likely as we haven’t actually seen anyone that can officially give him the “label”  diagnosis. I would like to go and see the pediatrician, and for them to tell  me that, no actually he is fine – that I just have very poor parenting skills and … Read more

Letter O

Our letter learning journey has brought us to the Letter O I actually discovered that I have to be careful that the words of the things I pick don’t just start with the letter but the sound I’m trying to teach. I did do Owl – (see Owl bags) but it doesn’t actually start with … Read more