Do you want to Build a Snowman

Of course you want to build a snowman that’s why you are here! Popular even before the days of Frozen and Frozen 2 who does not love to create this festive guy. We have had so much fun as our children grew over the years making snowmen in all different ways – not just outside in the snow. There are lots of ways you can build a snowman without even having to step outdoors. The favourite has to be the Marshmallow Snowman – which has become a bit of a Christmas Eve tradition!

Dressing Up

Who doesn’t love a bit of dressing up as a Snowman.


If you don’t have a costume maybe just put on white clothes with a hat and scarf. Or for a bit more fun why not wrap yourself up with some toilet paper!


Making a Snowman Craft

We had a bit of a look and find activity with circles. I asked the children to look for things that were circular – and different sizes.


Then I asked them to sort them into big, medium and small (this proved too much with the youngest so we changed it to just big and small).


Next they drew around some of the circular things they found to make a snowman body and head.


Finally they taped them together, and drew faces, scarves on them.


Make an Edible Snowman

We make an edible snowman at least once usually on Christmas Eve. To be honest it doesn’t matter how he turns out because children of all ages can enjoy this. Adults too!

You just need some marshmallows, icing sugar and sweets. We prefer the big white marshmallows. These aren’t always easy to get hold of though. Pink ones can be covered in icing to make white!

You can really get creative with the sweets. Making hats, scarves, faces, arms and legs!

My advice is always buy more than you think you will need because the fun really is in the eating.

I put the ingredients into little jars or bowls. But they can be made straight from the packet.


Icing sugar can get messy so you can use marzipan as an alternative. Or you could try ready roll icing.

As the boys have got older they sometimes like to use cocktail sticks to hold everything in place as it dries a bit.


Toilet Roll Holder Snowman

When the boys were younger we really loved recycling the old toilet roll holder. It therefore made sense to include a toilet roll holder snowman.


This one just involves using a glue stick to stick on cotton wool, googly eyes, and his hat, scarf and nose.


Alternatively you could paint the toilet roll holder white and add a sock for his hat. Then as before gluing on the googly eyes and a carrot nose. We drew on a mouth with felt pen. We used leftover Christmas ribbon for the scarf and cardboard for the hat.

TRH Snowman Christmas craft



10 thoughts on “Do you want to Build a Snowman”

  1. An excellent day of snowmen! Did you think of all those ideas yourself? I may have to borrow the marshmallow snowman ideas as it looks yummy.

  2. I love the edible snowman and the toilet paper roll snowman! My daughter will love that! Thanks for sharing..I found you on Sunday Showcase! 🙂

  3. I love the edible snowman and the toilet paper roll snowman! My daughter will love that! Thanks for sharing..I found you on Sunday Showcase! 🙂

  4. Great snowmen activities – I want a snowmen dress up costume now.

    Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots and supporting us each week


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