Do you want to Build a Snowman

Of course you want to build a snowman that’s why you are here! Popular even before the days of Frozen and Frozen 2 who does not love to create this festive guy. We have had so much fun as our children grew over the years making snowmen in all different ways – not just outside … Read more

Festive Bags

These were little kits I bought but could easily be made by cutting out some felt.   There was a snowman and a robin kit. It was a simple case of sewing together the two pieces with wool. The holes were already there making it easier for the children. Although I have to admit they … Read more

Snow Inspired Crafts for Young Children

I love Christmas Activities – it’s something that brings my family together with their varying ages. You can’t go wrong with sweets either! Sweet Snowmen You will need: icing sugar marshmallows curlywurly pieces dolly mixtures strawberry laces or anything else sweet you fancy First take a marshmallow and cover it in icing. Then place another … Read more