Christmas TRH Book Advent Calendar Day 5 – Dinosaurs and Snowman

Regular readers will know that we love dinosaurs here. Actually the youngest is starting to grow out of them now but I LOVE them, so in order to keep his interest a while longer I have incorporated some fantastic dinosaur books into the Christmas TRH Book Advent Calendar. Today we have, “Can you find 1001 Dinosaurs and other things?” Published by Igloo Books Ltd and RRP £7.99. I have bought and paid for this book and am sharing with you because I aim to promote reading.


This book is perfect for my family as it is very visual which is what my youngest needs. The fact that he can talk about this book and match up the pictures is very beneficial as I feel this will make him feel more positive/confident and boost his self-esteem.

What I like best about this book (apart from the amazing illustrations, particularly of dinosaurs) is that fact that it really encourages those brain cells to become active. As the name suggests there are pictures of dinosaurs (and other things) and you have to use your powers of observation and find them within the picture (or pictures) – a bit Where’s Wally for dinosaur lovers. It is even good a stimulating book for adults too (we cannot find the cave painting on the Fossil Fair pages).


Each page is bursting with activity, giving plenty to talk about. When you have exhausted the book don’t worry there’s a pirate edition too!


Today on the Christmas TRH Book craft we have made a snowman. Again fairly simple to do; start by painting the toilet roll holder (TRH) all white (if you are painting all your TRHs at once then I suggest that you start by painting the white ones first). When dry add an orange pipe cleaner folded in half (just to give it that bit of thickness at the bottom) to represent a carrot nose, we taped on our googly eyes just to ensure they didn’t fall off and just to help the nose stay in place. Then using a black felt tip pen we drew circles to form a smiley mouth (they idea is that they represent pebbles). Finally we took a grey sock and placed it on his head, rolling it to make it into a hat.

I have received nothing for this post, I would just like to encourage craft and reading this Christmas time.

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  1. Such a dear little snowman. We have a Princess version of this book and it’s a super way not just of promoting reading but of getting my girls to occupy themselves for ten minutes when they are unable to read the words.


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