TRH Book Advent Day 4 Beware! Killer Tomatoes #GuestPost

Beware! Killer Tomatoes by Jeremy Strong

My name is Sarah and I blog over at MumofThree World, where I’m usually found writing about family life with my two big boys and my little girl. I love reading and love sharing my thoughts on books.

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Jeremy Strong is one of my absolute favourite children’s authors. He writes really funny, slapstick books for kids aged about 6-10. The subject matter appeals slightly more to boys, which is great for me and for anyone who has a boy who is a reluctant reader, but they are not exclusively boys’ books. Plenty of girls love them, including my own daughter.

He writes lots of series, but this book stands alone and it is one of my absolute favourites. It’s also won lots of awards, so you don’t just need to take my word for it.

Beware killer tomatoes book review

It is the story of Jack, an accident-prone boy who is lying in bed in hospital trying to piece together the mystery of the killer tomatoes. These are not mutant, alien tomatoes, they are just regular tinned tomatoes from the supermarket. So how can they be killer tomatoes? You will have to read the book and find out!

I love reading this book (and all of his books) out loud and doing lots of silly voices. My daughter always tells me the bits I read are funnier than the bits she reads in her head, but it’s just because of the voices I use!

If you’re looking for a book as a stocking-filler for a boy or girl aged 6-10, I would definitely recommend this. And if you’re looking for more than one stocking-filler – buy some more of his books too! You won’t be disappointed.

Christmas TRH Book Advent Sheep @pinkoddy

 Today’s TRH craft was meant to be a sheep – although my husband says it looks more like a Yeti! It could even become a snowman I guess – but the idea was it was a simple craft with less mess. We took an ordinary toilet roll holder (not painted) and attached googly eyes and then  glued cotton wool all the way round it. Then a bit of red paper for a mouth and some pipe cleaner legs – voila how simple. We had previously made RedTedArt inspired sheep here.

TRH Sheep


The Christmas Collection

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