Christmas – Stars or Trees #Review

Christmas Chocolate stars and trees review

It’s never too early to think about Christmas when it comes to chocolate right? That is why I was delighted that Tesco sent me a Tesco Gingerbread Stars Square Box (RRP £4 but I found them for £3.50, or 2 for £6 in my local branch) and a Chokablok Santastic Cinnamon tree (RRP £5, or I saw them for 2 for £8). If I write the best post about them then I get even more yummy chocolate. Master chocolatiers behind Hotel Chocolat and Harrods have created an affordable (between £4 and £20) selection of delicious chocolates to treat yourself, friends, family and guests to this Christmas. Perfect as gifts or stocking fillers there is quite a range.

Christmas turkey made of chocolateAs I wandered around my local Tesco I was delighted to see that they had so much choice – including a chocolate turkey (hmm maybe I will put a turkey on the menu this year). It got me to thinking:

If you had to make the choice between the “star” or the “tree” to represent Christmas which would you decide on?

Stars are bright and twinkly, and the reason for the star was to reveal the birth of Jesus and as a guide. I personally feel that I want my children to know the nativity story and it is a really important part of Christmas for me. We are not religious and so it isn’t an over the top thing – but we will talk about the nativity, maybe do some craft and dress up.

Stars with glitter

I think stars bring such magic to an otherwise drab time of year – and you can craft with stars so easily – why not just add glitter, make a badge!

Star badge simple christmas craft

Christmas is a time for families, this is what it means to me, I loved making a star shape from our bodies and think it is a great idea for a Christmas photo shoot.

Family star photo shoot clothing same colours green christmas

Then we have the Christmas tree, for me this is more about the presents; the giving, the receiving, the excitement of children waking up on Christmas morning seeing that Father Christmas has been. The magic of the run up to Christmas, the dark dull room, lit up with colour (and sounds if you have a musical tree or lights).

Of course there are some great craft ideas for making trees as well as what goes on the trees.

Tree decorations children can make

It goes without saying really that both the Stars and Tree from Tesco were both very yummy – if I had to pick between the two chocolates I would definitely say that I am a Star person. They are milk chocolate topped with caramelised biscuit and ginger crumble and white chocolate. They came in a small box with tissue paper, which I felt gave a really nice feel into making them a present in their own right. They were small enough to eat at once (and great for a sneaky quick chocolate fix).

Christmas Chocolate stars and trees review

The ChokABlok trick was very yummy – milk chocolate with a white chocolate swirl, topped with cinnamon and gold dusted chocolate malt balls, caramelised biscuit and ginger crumble. The taste of the cinnamon really gave it a Christmas feel, but it was rather big and needed bits breaking off, which caused the ginger crumble to go everywhere.

Christmas Chocolate stars and trees review

If I had to decide between the Star and the tree – religion or presents – then I’m afraid I’d have to say the tree. Maybe as the children get older presents will be less important and it being more about the Star guiding them back to see my at the festive time of year, but whilst they are still little then it’s all about Father Christmas I’m afraid.

What about you – Star or Tree?

RedTedArt Father Christmas Stars
Can’t decide between the Star and the Tree (presents) then maybe go for this RedTedArt Father Christmas Star
The Christmas Collection

I was sent  Tesco Gingerbread Stars Square Box and a Chokablok Santastic Cinnamon as a gift in order to review them. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I love RedTedArt and think you should really check out her blog for lots of FREE craft ideas – I have received no compensation for linking to her.

5 thoughts on “Christmas – Stars or Trees #Review”

  1. I’ll go for star as I liked those chocolate more – they were so nice!! Also I love stars, so twinkly and beautiful. We don’t have a xmas tree up in our house, being Muslim we still enjoy the season but not going so far as having a tree so funnily enough I would put star and tree the other way round. Tree as more religious and star as the xmas season for everyone!

  2. hmmmmm tough call but probably the tree – i love decorating it and putting the presents beaneath it and i love choosing my tree. it makes Christmas seem like it if that makes sense.
    i had no idea that Hotel Chocolate were behind these Tesco yummy gifts – i may have to try some purely for uhm well research *ahem* x


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