F&F Back to School Winners

Winners of the best back to school uniform

School Uniform can be a costly time of year and a real nightmare if you don’t get it right. I have four children and therefore I have been keen to buy budget uniform but without losing the quality which will inevitably just mean it needs replacing, and costing more in the long run. Regularly readers … Read more

Why get your School Uniform with F&F Clothing #Review

school uniform F&F Tesco

When it comes to getting the uniform for back to school you cannot go wrong by getting it from Tesco’s F&F clothing. It offers good value for money whilst retaining a great quality that will keep your kid looking smart for the whole year. In fact not only are their prices low but you can … Read more

Pretty Muddy – Training Support

You may know that my late mother had breast cancer before she died. It had spread through her lymph nodes into her bones and to her liver. She died at aged just 48 years old. I was months away from reaching 21 and my little brother was only 14. It was less than 6 months … Read more

Tesco Family Favourites #Review

Tesco Family Favourites

Family life can be hectic and when it comes to the end of the day ad cooking an evening meal you may just have run out of steam. In a bid to avoid heading for fast food (because I am not organised enough to pre-plan dinners/use a slow cooker) I decided to try Tesco’s Family … Read more

Valentine’s Day finest* a la carte Meal Deal £20

Valentine's Day finest* a la carte Meal Deal £20

This Valentine’s Day why not try the finest* a la carte Meal Deal for Two only £20. This is a saving of between £10.99-£16.00 if you bought the items separately. Best of all you don’t even have to both like the same things! Order 2 main courses, 2 side dishes and 2 desserts – then add … Read more

Christmas – Stars or Trees #Review

Christmas Chocolate stars and trees review

It’s never too early to think about Christmas when it comes to chocolate right? That is why I was delighted that Tesco sent me a Tesco Gingerbread Stars Square Box (RRP £4 but I found them for £3.50, or 2 for £6 in my local branch) and a Chokablok Santastic Cinnamon tree (RRP £5, or … Read more