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School Uniform can be a costly time of year and a real nightmare if you don’t get it right. I have four children and therefore I have been keen to buy budget uniform but without losing the quality which will inevitably just mean it needs replacing, and costing more in the long run. Regularly readers will know that I buy my Back to School items from the F&F Clothing Range at Tesco. The items are all of good quality, long-lasting and a great price. In fact F&F BTS won EVERY test on This Morning’s back to school show yesterday: Beating other supermarket brands, including, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and Asda. Performing extremely well on the kinds of things you need as a parent in a uniform – such as a stain test, wash test, and comfort test.Winners of the best back to school uniform

This Morning’s Tests

  • Long lasting – the clothes were washed 30 times at 30 degrees.
  • Stain test – the clothes were covered in paint and ketchup.
  • Comfort test – four children wore the clothes, but I can say I will add my 4 children to that. I particularly like the adjustable waist bands in the trousers, to help make them the perfect fit; as well as the reinforced knees mentioned on This Morning.

The uniforms also each had how much a full kit would cost from each of the shops – but in the prices it did not take into account the fact that you earn Tesco Clubcard points on your shopping which can be converted into 4 times their value on days out. F&F also have multipacks available, saving you even more money. The F&F BTS range is available to buy in store or online – with a good range of sizes; with the option of using their embroidery service too. I was able to buy everything I needed from the F&F range for the whole of the school year (for both hot and cold weather conditions). Plus I had the option of free next day delivery (a date of which I was able to pick) as I use their delivery saver plan.

Overall Tesco had the highest score of 9 out of 10.

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14 thoughts on “F&F Back to School Winners”

  1. I alays buy my kids back to school uniform from Tesco. You can always guarantee great prices and good quality uniforms. You have reminded me, I need to pick my 2’s uniform up this weekend 🙂

  2. We had a horrendous time with a local company in Paisley that were supplying school uniforms. They took money and then cut off all contact for weeks. Very stressful. Next time, we’ll be taking your advice and heading to Tesco!


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