Why get your School Uniform with F&F Clothing #Review

When it comes to getting the uniform for back to school you cannot go wrong by getting it from Tesco’s F&F clothing. It offers good value for money whilst retaining a great quality that will keep your kid looking smart for the whole year. In fact not only are their prices low but you can either double up your Tesco Clubcard points to pay for uniform, or save up for the many wonderful offers they have such as family days out or on Christmas presents.

The Tesco F&F Clothing range also allows you to buy in multipacks – good for those with more than 1 child and great for those of us who want to make sure that they have plenty of clothes (for those that get lost or just so we don’t have to keep washing them). They offer all that you need from tops and trousers, to PE Kits to shoes, to underwear, to trainers and coats – all in a range of colours and sizes. Tesco F&F clothing range have years of experience making children’s clothes and so have children in mind – with reinforced knees, adjustable waistbands, flash lights shield and clean and ’as new’ technologies to name a few. The F&F clothing range at Tesco is one that I can trust. I have been ordering online with them for years and they have always been reliable. The parcels are well secured and arrive quickly. The sizing has always been spot on in regards to the fit for my children’s age – with the help of the adjustable waistbands.

Tesco F&F Clothing School Uniform Review

I found the Tesco F&F clothing website easy to use to find exactly what I need to fully kit my children out. I used my back to school uniform checklist and was able to find most of what I needed all at the click of a button. If my children weren’t so fussy it would have been easier but a 5-6 or 7-8 isn’t good enough for my 6-7 year old as that is the age he is – so he may well have fitted in the other sizes but what it says on the label is very important. You can search by category or individual items. They cater for plus fit sizes, sixth form & college and teens too. I think it is really good that the availability of products is expanding as I used to find it hard as my oldest son got into the later years of school.

school uniform F&F Tesco


For the trousers we went for the F&F School 2 Pack of Boys Pleat Reinforced Knee Trousers (in 6-7 and 8-9). I do like how the boys can have the same clothes in the different sizes as it eliminates any arguing. I often struggle to get the right length and waist size for the boys so an adjustable band is perfect for making sure that they are the perfect fit for them. The age 8-9 also has 2 front fastenings – for extra security my son says! I went for the reinforced knees – I have never had a problem with the boys’ trousers but it never hurts to give them that extra strength in weak areas. This multi-pack is only available in dark grey and are priced between £6-£10.

school uniform F&F Tesco

School Shorts

school uniform F&F TescoHopefully we will have some sunny weather for the start of term, and if not it is always a good idea to purchase uniform for the whole year – so I ordered the F&F School 2 Pack of Boys Shorts age 8-9. Also I could not get hold of any shorts this summer when the weather turned nice and my little boy was very upset. These shorts are just perfect for keeping him cool. They have an adjustable waistband and nice pockets too. I like how they come in a pack of 2 as that’s one to wear and one to wash. They will not be worn as much as trousers so I do not feel the need to buy 5 pairs. It has a button and zip fastening for this age group but the 4-5 years pair has a mock fly and is secured with just a button. Only available in grey priced £5-£7.

School Shirts

I received the F&F School 5 Pack of Boys Easy Iron Long Sleeve Shirts. These range from £8.50-£13.50 and for ages 12-13 years old are £13.50. There is a sizing guide on the website to help determine your child’s correct size. I like how easy they were to iron as it isn’t my favourite chore to do! They are comfortable, smart and well stitched together. There is also a front pocket.

School Polo Shirts

Tesco F&F School Uniform offer an embroidery service for selected schools. Previously my children attended such a school and had both a PE top and polo shirts with the uniform emblem embroidered on. These come in the school colours as required.

I received the F&F School 2 Pack of Unisex Polo Shirts with As New Technology in both ages 6-7 & 8-9. There was no problem getting the sizes and colours I required. I love the quality and they will last my boys all year round. They are comfortable as well as strong – and I have never had any complaints even from my Sensory Seeker. I only wish that they came in packs of 5. They range from £2.50-£5.00 in a choice of 8 colours. 6-7 is £2.50 and 8-9 is £3.50 (for the 2).

School Jumpers

There is the availability of having a V neck jumper or a sweatshirt in your school’s colours. We prefer sweatshirts – F&F School Unisex Sweatshirt with As New Technology (£3-£4). Again these were easy to purchase in both ages 6-7 and 8-9 for the boys. Good quality, soft inside – they are warm and long-lasting. I have never had a problem with the colour fading by the end of the school year. These are available in 6 different colours.

School Coat

There are a range of coats & jackets available – quilted padded, flocked padded, parka, fleece-lined, duffle, cagoule, fleece and blazer. I went with the F&F Contrast Trim Mac age 13-14. I wanted something light that would keep my son dry. The drawstring and ribbed internal cuffs will help with keeping the rain out. I love the neutral dark grey colour with the blue trim and mesh lining. I think it is really practical for school and not too heavy if the weather warms up and he needs to carry it around. I also like the zip pockets – ideal to make sure important items such as keys and phones do not fall out and get lost. I went for a bigger size so it fits comfortably over his blazer and will still fit him when it comes to next summer. Prices start from £12 and for the age 13-14 years they are £16.

School PE Kit

F&F School have all you need for PE in a range of colours and sizes- t-shirts, shorts, daps/plimsoles, trainers, trousers, jackets, swim shorts, gym bags and sports socks. I received some F&F School Riptape Plimsoles (size 12) priced £3-£4 in black or £2.50 in white. These are machine washable and easy to put on and off – pulling to the desired tightness. There is a free returns service – so if your child’s feet grow before the term begins it won’t be too late to change them.

school uniform F&F Tesco

Of course they will need something to keep their PE kit in and what better this year than with a Universal Studios Minions Drawstring Bag (£5). With the iconic Minion design and the adjustable straps – this bag can also be utilised as a swim bag.

School Shoes

There are a variety of styles of shoes with or without laces – with prices starting from £9.00. I prefer my younger children to practise laces at home and buy Velcro for school shoes. The older of the younger 2 I just wanted plain sensible shoes. I opted for the F&F Riptape Leather School Shoes (£19-£21). They have hard-wearing soles and good stitching. I find my son grows out of his shoes before they wear out.

school uniform F&F Tesco

For my youngest son I wanted something a bit quirkier so went with the Star Wars School Shoes. They have iconic figures Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper printed on one of the sides and the words Star Wars over the straps. I think he is going to love these even more when the film comes out, but before then he is going to love the fact that Darth Vader’s eyes light up when he jumps/stamps his feet. As a Sensory Seeker this is perfect – especially as jumping will be comfortable with cushioned ankle collars and tongues with lined soles for grip. Priced £14-£15, sizes 9 child to 2 adult.


Personally I think that it is a good time to replace all the underwear. I have a “sock box” where all the socks go to be paired and all the odd ones live – it is great just to replace them all and what better time to do it. F&F 7 Pair Pack of Days of the Week Socks have coloured bits on them and the days of the week – meaning that I can distinguish whose socks they are and whether they have been changing them! Of course there are plain socks in a variety of styles and shades.

school uniform F&F Tesco

And as I am replacing the socks I also do the pants. There are a variety of vests, trunks, boxers and briefs available in different colours and sizes – with prices starting from £2.50. I opted for the F&F 3 Pack of Plain Jersey Boxer Shorts (age 12-13 £3.50). They are what my son likes to wear and I like how they are good quality and a neutral colour.

To see what I thought of the clothes and see all the products I received then please watch my video:

I received the above clothing free of charge from the F&F School Clothing range at Tesco for purposes of review. No other financial compensation has been given and all words and opinions are genuine and my own.

23 thoughts on “Why get your School Uniform with F&F Clothing #Review”

  1. Great pics and I actually agree that it’s good for uniform too. I bought my daughter’s trousers here last summer and they lasted her the whole school year through. Can’t argue with that! The only thing I’d say is that they need to go up to higher age groups as we couldn’t find them for this year!

  2. I watched your video last night – great unboxing! I used to buy my son’s uniform from Tesco every year, couldn’t fault it. There’s no more of that for me now though.. *sobs*

  3. I’ve ordered via their embroidery service for the first time this year as my children’s school have finally realised that it is easier for parents to order and received quality items than queue in the one school uniform shop in our town

  4. They look like they are a good value for money which is always good! I need to look at tights as my eldest breaks a couple a week!

  5. I’ve never used F&F for school clothes before, George have always been my first choice but maybe I’ll give them ago this year x

  6. ive just priced up the uniforms needed for my 6 this year and its a staggering 277.50 for the necessities, i need a loan the amount it costs lately lol but thats the cheapest option and from f&f

  7. I’ve had mixed results with Tesco’s uniform so this year I pushed the boat out and went to M&S. I got the majority of it from there but was quite pricy. I have a 14 year old at 6ft 4in so I can only really get his stuff from certain places too. Looks good though

  8. I normally pick up some uniform with my Tesco shop. I must admit F&F is among my favourite brand for uniform. It washes well, is inexpensive and looks top quality! I like the fastening on the trousers too.


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