Letter O

Our letter learning journey has brought us to the Letter O

I actually discovered that I have to be careful that the words of the things I pick don’t just start with the letter but the sound I’m trying to teach. I did do Owl – (see Owl bags) but it doesn’t actually start with O but Ow.


Instead we made Oranges.

There was talk of how the letter was a circle – and we looked at other objects of that shape.


We made leaves to go with them. Concentrating on how to hold the pen.


Then we decided to make an Octopus.


We talked about how many legs they have and what other animals etc have the same number.


We used a toilet roll holder, a circle and counted out 8 strips for legs


We made a face with the circle


And then we glued it to the toilet roll holder


Then we coloured in the legs and glued them on


I also found this great Octopus Snack @ 21 Rosemary Lane. I also saw this great Octopus Post over on Librarystorytimeabcs.

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