Quiet Time

If you’ve been following our Letter Learning Journey you will know that we have come to the letter Q. I didn’t want to do Queen as it seemed too obvious – and besides that was covered under Jubilee I figured that after all the hustle and bustle of  the summer holidays (and for us moving … Read more

Letter O

Our letter learning journey has brought us to the Letter O I actually discovered that I have to be careful that the words of the things I pick don’t just start with the letter but the sound I’m trying to teach. I did do Owl – (see Owl bags) but it doesn’t actually start with … Read more

Starting school

As you may know my little boy starts school this year and we’ve been learning letters alphabetically (see our learning journey so far here). It seems different schools integrate children differently. The school our son has got into, introduce the children for an hour  a week (now) over several weeks (4 in this case). Today … Read more