Starting school

As you may know my little boy starts school this year and we’ve been learning letters alphabetically (see our learning journey so far here). It seems different schools integrate children differently. The school our son has got into, introduce the children for an hour  a week (now) over several weeks (4 in this case). Today whilst waiting for the time to arrive I decided that we would continue our theme of the letter K and talk about what kit he would need when he went to school.


This was quiet simple really as he has an older brother at the school also.

Whilst we named the things we each drew a picture of them.

Then we coloured them in (we actually photocopied my badly drawn ones to colour in), discussing what colours the items would have to be, what things colour could be flexible over, and that he’d have to wear shoes rather than trainers now.


This was a good exercise in pencil control too. He was so happy with what he’d achieved that he took it to show his new teacher in his new book bag.

Have you done anything to help settle your child into starting school?

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  1. What a great way of helping prepare him. My daughter is starting nursery school and we have gotten together when a boy who will be in her class a few times already this summer for play dates. Since both of our kids are shy his mother and I decided this might help. Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!


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